Saagar Enjeti: Did Top General Commit TREASON Under Trump?

Saagar provides his analysis on reports showing that top US General Mark Milley might have committed treason under Trump and violated every norm set for military commanders

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  1. In fairness, given how bad the current withdrawl from Afganastan is, you could make the case pretty easily that an order to move out of the country within 10 days would be considered an illegal order given how much death it would cause.

  2. Saagar is OFF HIS ROCKER
    Trump was "more interested in giving the middle finger to the norms, instead of creating new ones…"
    People should take offense to that statement.
    1) Trump was trying to create a new norm for immigration. (secure border, not free flow)
    2) Trump was trying to create a new norm of NOT always having the military involved in conflict. (IRAN, etc)
    3) Trump was trying to create a new norm of providing opportunities for the blacks.
    4) Trump was trying to create a new norm of having mfg. jobs in the U.S.A., instead of shipped overseas.
    5) Trump was trying to create a new norm of equitable payment for security in Europe and Asia.
    6) Trump was trying to create a new norm that U.S.A. needs to be concerned about China.
    7) Trump was trying to create a new norm of lawyers countability with money laundering.
    8) Trump was trying to create a new norm of Defense Department auditing
    9) You getting fewer robocalls?

  3. instead of saying both sides are turning it to 11 you could have said the Republicans in calling for Treason are somewhat on the side with Truth ..which you confirmed later!! You try way too hard to stay at center at the cost of truth!

  4. Gen. Milley took an oath to the Constitution, not to Trump. He did his duty. What did you do other than ridicule the idea 6th of january was an attempted coup when you worked for The Hill?

  5. Berkeley 2016. The definition of fascism!
    (Having a riot bc a republican speaker was invited to the university to give a speech) Berkeley is the so called "home of free speech" 😔

  6. Don't you think that if there was nothing there to really not be concerned about, then Gen. Milley probably would have not made that call to his Chinese Counterpart? Do you really think that Gen. Milley just up and phoned the Chinese who also has nuclear weapons. You know, just shooting the bull? I have met several Generals in the past, even worked for one when he was our Battalion Commander of a tank battalion before doing our little war in Louisiana (JRTC…every combat command goes to JRTC in Ft Polk, LA or to NTC in Ft Irwin, CA. once every 18 months.) We then started turning our tanks in for Strykers and I will say, he was one of the smartest men I ever knew. If he had to do that, felt compelled to do that, don't you think there is a piece of this missing that we might not hear about-but something that was said or done too cause our Chinese friends needing assurance of nothing wild is going to happen?

  7. So let me get this straight, Saagar would be just fine with the General going along with WW3 if Trump ordered it because, he followed orders and this, Norms were upheld. Trump was deranged. Let’s over look the fact that the man tried some pretty underhanded ploys, and some overt ones, to overturn an election to remain in power. Is it so out of the question that DoD was alarmed??? The damn military actively resisted assisting the Capitol Police in defending the capital building because Trump fired the Secretary of Defense and placed his people in their. Funny how various military units weren’t around for January 6, but for BLM, yup, ready locked and loaded. Give me a break. You hate the libs, I get it, but be honest about it.

  8. 7:00 … imagine if Trump had done what he no doubt wanted to do: tell the nation that the military is refusing to follow his orders. I think Trump showed tremendous restraint not tell us more about DC corruption and igniting real domestic violence.

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