Saagar Enjeti: Disney REWARDS Fauci With Documentary After He LIED To Them

Saagar questions the fawning Disney documentary made about Dr. Anthony Fauci after he knowingly lied to them about the plausibility of the lab leak hypothesis

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  1. It's about rewarding lying sumbags that work for the elite and support elite causes padding each other on the back. These ppl are tools and the billionaire class needs to ruined for good. There all leaches draining all of society and abroad!

  2. Anyone else see a lot of documentaries (not all, and to varying degrees) often used as a way to revise, edit, and/or push agendas or even cover up BS?

    Somehow, like "news"… The word "documentary" came to mean some sort of altruistic, objective, presentation of events. They can be quite the Op Ed opinion piece, sold as "how it happened and why".

  3. Anyone notice how Democrats faced and handled this pandemic the same way the Republicans faced and handled 9/11 and the Iraq War? It's been 18-21 years but I notice parallels.

  4. This is your party Sagaar. This is Krystal’s party. You know you love Fauci and both have Fauci tshirts and probably a Fauci tattoo on you butt.

  5. Sick of listening about the Fauci Virus. Nothing follows logic or common sense. Bad policies galore and zombies wandering around in masks, even outside or by themselves in their cars. Nuts.

  6. Remember when he said the gain of function research shouldn't be done in Hoboken or Fairfax bc there might be an outbreak so it should be done in China? Shows his willingness to sacrifice Chinese lives and denies virus ability to spread globally in one statement. Why hasn't he crawled back under some rock.

  7. Is this video by the body language guy original journalism on fauci's convenient rebranding of gain of function from what he acknowledged in the past with public audio from 2012 that names it as world ending? Is this breaking news? Thanks someone- anyone for checking with me and sending it to k& s

  8. The timing on this Disney attempt to deify Fauci just as Robert F. Kennedy's book, "The Real Anthony Fauci" (due Nov. 16) is coming out to declare the exact opposite…very suspect.

  9. Considering information that has been out there since long before 2020 regarding Fraudci, the opening statement that he was a person trusted and above reproach… the system has yet again failed the masses by partaking in covering up yet another sociopath and narcissist while he was busy destroying lives and raking in big bucks.

  10. Now that they’ve found patient zero, at the Wuhan wet market, I’m wondering if you’ll finally drop the “it’s a lab leak” bunk. The only evidence you’ve ever presented are out-of-context emails and conflated experiments that timing and genetics show are not the source.

    Once you’ve got real evidence, you’ll have a real story. Otherwise, you’re doing exactly what you accuse the media of doing with the trump/Russian collusion story.

  11. Lol. “Hollywood made Dr. Fauci the incarnate of science.” Problem is, Mr. Sagaar, is that Hollywood did no such thing. At best, Dr. Fauci did that. You played the clip yourself, why don’t you understand it?

    That’s why I find your reporting and opinions off-the-mark. You keep on using the wrong clips to prove your point. Had you found the hosts of The View making that claim, then sure, you’d make a better case. But you don’t. Sigh.

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