Saagar Enjeti: Docs REVEAL Ministiry Of Truth LIES, Twitter Collaboration

Saagar describes to viewers the findings of documents about the DHS Ministry of Truth leaked by a whistleblower revealing a collaboration with Twitter to censor Americans and exchange data

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James Li:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I have a challenge for Saagar. Watch the documentary "Earthlings", then tell us if you think vegans believe dumb things or it's funny to make jokes about people who oppose such atrocities.

  2. I may be a moron but I think big tech working with legacy media and federal hacks that worked with the democrats to impeach trump over fake Russian hoax as a real tangible effort to steal the election.

  3. As bad as Trump and his low IQ GOP followers are, as useless as they are, as criminally corrupt as they, it's always great to see the only other political option manages to lag just barely behind them in every way.

  4. Thanks that’s worth paying for. I’ll sign up for two years I’ll pay in advance if it’s possible. On one condition I watch your show all day one day just one day and you don’t say the same exact things that I can hear on Ben Shapiro or any other outlet. I swear from Byron York to MSNBC it’s like you guys are reading of a script. Meanwhile I’m selling used Pampers to pay for gas… jk but maybe one day
    Save the us it’s ur job

  5. Half the country? I'm not even allowed to questioned the government?! I'm literally about to be kicked off Facebook because I speak facts! So spare me you're false concerns you just want money like the rest of the world,I just want freedom!

  6. Grade A Moron here. I don't believe it was stolen, but I have suspicions.

    We know what they did in 2016 and they failed. Do you actually think that they didn't up their game for 2020? Of course they did and only a Grade A moron would think otherwise. Hmmmm, only one of us can be a Grade A Moron

  7. When Saagar can’t make an argument, he resorts to name calling people “morons”. This show is really taking a nosedive. To think, I really wanted to support it.

  8. Thank god for Saagar, I don’t always agree with him but he stands by his values and beliefs. Crystal is more of the crying liberal who’s values and beliefs change by the wind. Saagar is funny and personable and Crystal is smug and stuck up.

  9. I guess I am a grade A moron then because yes I think the election was stolen from Trump. What were these thousands of people doing going from drop-box to drop-box wearing rubber gloves in the middle of the night? Why was the signature-checking software turned down to accept practically anything in democrat strongholds? Why were observers sent home for the night and then mystery boxes hauled out from under the tables for more unobserved counting? Why did the Zuckerbucks go primarily to democrat strongholds? Why is Steven Crowder sending interns to vacant lots in Vegas where people supposedly voted from? How do we know that ANY of these ballots that were mailed out and returned with no ID check are valid? Screw you Saager. I listen to your little show and have been right about things you have been wrong about before. I was the guy who said Putin was going into Ukraine when you said he never would. I also told you that this crypto nonsense was nothing but a speculative ponzi scheme with no underlying value that was going to wind up bankrupting millions of idiots. Youve been wrong before and you are wrong about the 2020 election as well. Show some GD respect. Probably half your viewers agree with me.

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