Saagar Enjeti: Energy Crisis Shows INSANITY Of Green Energy Movement

Saagar tears into the green energy movement as a global energy crisis unfolds in large part caused by Germany’s reliance on Russian natural gas and the failure of their green energy initiatives

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  1. YET ANOTHER segment on energy without a single word about THORIUM. Molten salt Thorium reactors are far safer than Uranium reactors, they produce 99% LESS nuclear waste than Uranium reactors, and we have 10,000 years' worth of Thorium in the U.S. China has a molten salt Thorium reactor up and running right now with plans to implement them nationwide in the coming decades. Why won't Breaking Points even MENTION Thorium when they do segments specifically about nuclear power? I'm really asking. Krystal or Saagar, don't you think my question merits an answer, at least?

  2. If you think what we have now is a misery wait until we hit +2C in a decade. It's 47C in Spain today and that's nothing in comparison to what warming climate has in store for us down the road. It's gonna be famine, conflicts and death where ever you look.

  3. The actual reality of the green movement has been hard to watch and come to terms with. My parents opened a natural food grocery when I was a kid so I grew up watching this movement evolve.

    Although their business definitely improved the area I'm from in terms of access to healthy foods, I saw how quickly ecological concerns became an afterthought in order for the business to compete.

    Capitalism and ecological sustainability are fundamentally at odds because of the nature of capitalism's reliance on growth.

    Still I push on. I know fundamentally that commerce can exist without wanton destruction of the world and unaccountable robber barons.

  4. These green dipsh!ts are nothing but ideologues and are more concerned with virtue signaling than doing the right thing. Science has been in for a long while, Nuclear is the energy we need.

  5. Ukraine could have supplied enough gas to break Russia's gas monopoly on Europe. Too bad everyone is so quick and happy to leave Ukraine swinging in the wind for Russia to seize all of those resources, first in 2014 and now in 2022. I guess you get what you deserve when you piss yourself at the threats from the russian bear.

  6. Saagar right on the money again. Can you imagine what the world would be like today if we had 70 years of continuous and aggressive nuclear power development. Energy would be nearly free and your stupid ass electric car might stand a chance of actually being green.

  7. The amount we waste on excessive western lifestyles has caught up to reality. Gas guzzling cars, pools in yards, massive homes to heat and cool. Total energy waste. But freedoms!

  8. Turns out Capitalism is a globalists best friend and was never for the mass majority of people.

    If only there were thinkers who forewarned us about this… Oh wait.

  9. The USA had their opportunities to go to greener/renewables decades ago. The European nations screwed. The American fortress is going to be fine. Putin played his hand well and you can't blamed.

  10. 4:50 What Sagaar doesn't bother to mention is that these energy shortages are simply a byproduct of capitalism. There are energy shortfalls because PRIVATELY OWNED power companies and corrupt do-nothing state and federal governments are too cheap and stupid to require and build in extra capacity. We SHOULD be replacing and upgrading the grid, we SHOULD be building 20, 30, 40, 50% more wind and solar than we "need" so we can ramp up extra capacity in low generation times or when repairs are necessary. Does having that extra capacity and overhead reduce profits? Yes. Is it f'ing common sense to do anyways? Yes. Will they do it? NO.

  11. not best facts here… the nucear power plants in our country is said to be (according to the companies maintaining them) not possible to be extended right now. They are poiticaly trying to extend the time they are on the grid (obviously) but they denied the governments request as its not financially lucrative form them. — thats why the coal.

  12. We need Hydrothermal Carbonization for the waste stream, and Geothermal, which can be made all over the planet. Tidal power is another. These are renewables that have had slower development, but are becoming viable, and don't have the consistency issues of wind and solar. There is a new drilling process pilot program that will considerably lower drilling costs for geothermal, which is the biggest expense in geothermal. HTC can be placed at sewer treatment facilities, and take in other municipal wastes to generate several energy products, biogas, biofuel, bio coal, and the process breaks down micro plastics.

    Nuclear has some unavoidable problems, weapon proliferation and waste disposal are the obvious ones, but catastrophes should be considered too, whether human caused, like Chernobyl, or natural, like Fukushima. Allowing destruction of regions, and poisoning the oceans is a poor strategy for humanities future.

  13. Saagar is a fking broken record for nuclear. Checking the wind right now in north Texas, where many wind farms are located, speeds are 10-15 MPH. Just fine for power generation. Currently at my home in the Midwest, winds are 15-30 mph! It's been windy the entire fking year. Yesterday was super windy too, couldn't even take my boat on the lake. This is why you have a large, distributed energy grid with a mix of both wind and solar. You know what a good source of power is in a heat wave? Solar! If the sun is cooking the Earth, then put out some solar panels. Texas' problem is they are tarded and have cut themselves off from the national energy grid.

  14. Yeah forget about the nuclear waste still found in fish off the California coast from Japanese nuclear… forget about Chernobyl. This new way is foolproof! Fucking jokers…

  15. The negative view of nuclear power is a result of A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN FUNDED BY FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES! To place this on the "green" movement when the majority of the "green" implementations of energy have not followed recommendations by engineers, opting to be minimalist when building, is just rank reactionary anti-environmentalist claptrap. If you think expensive gas prices are a pain in the ass wait until climate change makes the majority of the southwest unlivable.

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