Saagar Enjeti: EXPOSING Big Money, Dems Behind Rogan Cancellation

Saagar takes an in depth look at the financial interests and Democratic party operatives behind the attempt to get Joe Rogan removed from Spotify and cancelled

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  1. Bette Midler must not come down off the hill to see how many poor, illiterate, and strung out folk are down in the valley. Imagine if Hollywood only talked about what they knew; I don't think we'd hear much out of them.

  2. I KNOW there's a cartoon out there showing Bezos leading scruffy Neil Young and a wrinkly Joni Mitchell on dog leashes with a caption like "Career renaissance, 2022" or "Sure I'll promote your music Neil."

    The memes write themselves nowadays.

  3. Joe was never all that political and seldom "pontificated" about anything (except maybe "Some drugs are good, Mmmkay?"). But as a MMA guy, I'm pretty sure he's aware that whether you want to fight or not, when somebody is hitting you in the face, you're in a fight. Hope he stops thinking they're sane enough to be pacified. These are the people who, when a bully knocks you down, rush in to land a few kicks on you.

  4. It’s funny how all of the defendants of Rogan are 1st generation immigrants and white people. Forever telling black people not to be offended & don’t push back when we’ve been here since the beginning of the American experience building this nation fighting for poor white peoples rights and immigrant rights only to still get kicked off the boat.

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