Saagar Enjeti: Fauci, CDC Admit Covid Restrictions BASED ON LIES

Saagar breaks down the sudden messaging shift from public health authorities such as Dr. Fauci and the CDC that exposes their past mistakes on covid guidelines

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  1. Saager please take your responsibility to portray your opinions with professionalism and educated language. I like to listen to both of you but sometimes the vocabulary you use literally makes me cringe. You say the “mentally ill” leaders of public health. Please just stop. There is already so much shame and stigma in mental illness. I understand what you were trying to say but you could use so many words or phrases that don’t insult and demean a population of people with true mental illness. You could say ignorant, delusional, deceitful, conniving, idiotic, jerks, etc. which I think are more to your point. But when you say mentally ill as a synonym to these other words, it is completely inappropriate and insulting. Please do better. Thank you.

  2. "live your freaking life" except you have to account for the possibility that you could get the more lethal strain that won't spread. You have to also factor in the fact that the outpatient department of hospitals and clinics are going to be overrun. You go around the elite to not be selfish and then you are selfish yourself.

  3. It is pretty clear that UK/US have been caught engaging in clandestine research to weaponized a virus. Given the CCP reaction, it seems likely they were completely unaware of what was going on. Since they were evidently successful in engineering more contagious variants, we have now entered the bio-warfare arms race. That is what the vaccines are about. But this is not an international war. This is the privileged elites preparing to clear the 'rubbish' humanity that is threatening to spoil their precious environment. Did any of you really think it was going to get any better?

  4. It's taking some time but y'all are getting there. Can I say I was right? Or too early? Glad to see that they've admitted that they've been over counting which they've been doing with adults since the beginning of this. I get to go to a funeral on Friday for a gentleman that had a heart attack but died of covid. There's money exchanging hands here. Why don't we see a report on that. Where is Krystal in this analysis or is she too busy removing the hook from her mouth?

  5. fauci is a joke , when a doctor knowingly lies to me they are no longer a doctor to me. he lost it when he lied saying normal people should not wear masks , then coming back with oh it was to make more supply for people in medical fields . treating the American public like children who must do as you say or its ok to lie to cause your the parental figure is just pathedic

  6. They didn't change their minds because people banded together – when faced with a magnitude of sick leave that would shine a spotlight on how absolutely nothing has changed for Americans regarding health care and paid sick leave/benefits, they decided letting essential workers work while sick was a much, much bigger savings.

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