Saagar Enjeti: Fauci’s INSANE Plan To Keep Pandemic Forever

Saagar issues his latest criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci over his plan to keep the coronavirus pandemic going forever instead of letting people live normal lives again

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  1. I like your videos because they seem fair and balanced. It is refreshing to see people seeking the truth vs an agenda from their ego. I don't like the name calling and the videos where it seems like one is emotionally triggered, it loses authority and credibility. Other than that, I am glad to have found this channel, thank you.

  2. Idiot Fauci is one of the reasons my family sold everything we owned in the USA and decided to leave the country. We're documenting our expat journey on our channel. We even show you how much we pay for groceries and utilities. You will not believe it!! 😮

  3. Breaking Points,
    I know you’re masquerading as a nonpartisan news organization focused on the facts, but your right-leaning bias is showing. DR. Fauci, I repeat, DOCTOR Fauci is literally doing his job like 90% of all doctors. He’s medical opinion is to get daily cases below 10k to 100% move on, because ideally that would be possible if a Doctor ran this world. DR. Fauci is not speaking economically, politically, religiously, nor facetiously. He’s speaking medically as the Chief Medical Advisor. It’s up to the President and his Cabinet to decide whether to act on his medical recommendation or not based on economics, politics, religion and so on. But to spit out your layman view on medicine and societal righteousness by arguing with the Chief Medical Advisor while you are a nobody journalist pandering to both sides to boost your own ratings is pathetic. So much so that you should be embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for you. I’d say you’re better than this, but I’ve seen your recent work and it’s obvious you’re playing both sides for views. Stay classy.

  4. Stop with the fucking anti-doctor alt right rhetoric its disgusting. All fauci can do is make recommendations based on the evidence. The politicians implement policy. Another episode of breaking democrats. Im sure this comment will be deleted by the scared beta cuck mods.

  5. Crazy town is ditching the masks. They work far better than people give them credit for. No matter the style. We have beat Covid twice here and we are 200 miles from China. We haven't had any domestic cases in over a month now. We are still wearing masks and have been since JANUARY of 2019. Quarantine people, vaccinations, and masks all need to work in concert to stop Covid. America has NEVER had all three working at once.

  6. I love you and I appreciate the information you share with us however please stop saying that it is safe and effective! When you say that you are not acknowledging the people who have died from it and who are severely ill from it. The facts and science are there! You do such a great job on being an alternative media source. Please continue to be 100% authentic and accurate. When you say that it is contributing to the real false narrative. Last thing your viewers want is for you to sell out. We need you guys to keep telling the truth!

  7. 4:02 This administration is made up of clowns…seriously. "Inflation caused by pandemic", how convenient. Are they sure it's not caused by excessive government spending? Pretty sure that's a basic economic fact. Government prints money, inflation goes up. Can I have that moron who blames the pandemic's paycheck, please? That's the kind of inflation I can stand for lol.

  8. This didn’t age well.

    It also wasn’t helpful and I can no longer support this channel if you guys are gonna spread right wing conspiracy theories.

  9. I lost all respect for breaking point when they had the dumbest take I have ever heard on inflation. It’s not big deal it’s just used cars they said. Obviously they have zero clue about the actual economy

  10. In PR we wear our masks like it is part of our attire, we are fine with it and we are beating every other state in the covid race. I don't get the mainland people with their FREEEEDOM obsession. I wear seatbelts everyday, even if it makes me uncomfortable… Because it keeps me safe!

  11. I feel like the people who really run things are putting the most divisive people possible in charge of our lives to make us snap. How else do you explain Fauci, Trump, Biden…etc? I can’t accept that these are they people we choose to lead us. I hope we can all rise above this, realize who the real enemies are, band together and make things right once and for all.

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