Saagar Enjeti: Fauci’s Lab Leak LIES Cover For His ‘Prototype’ Vaccine Master Plan

Saagar refreshes viewers on Dr. Fauci’s lies about lab leak and explains what his end game entails

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  1. There is absolutely zero chance the buck stopped with Fauci. His cocky, confident body language clearly shows he is protected.

  2. Hey children wanna be a serial killer?
    Just join the democrats cuomo murder thousands of senior citizens. Fauci help murder 500k Americans. Are there ever gonna be held responsible? ??????.

  3. Its very simple, Dr. Fauci has Lied, he knowingly gave US Money to that Lab. in China that was conducting ( Gain of Function ) research . Fire him for sure, & he might be looking at some Jail time too.

  4. Fauci is an evil man. He only cares about his research and not the public health, like an evil scientist from a comic book. He has the blood of 4 million people on his hands.

  5. you were being very disingenous here. First you say Fauci is exaggerating, and that "nobody said it caused the virus directly", then you go ahead and put words in his mouth that he wants "to continue to fund the lab known for violations, continue to circumvent our own protocols, and ignore that covid-19 came from the wuhan lab" when all he said was "we'll continue to be more careful.

  6. pay me to install a door and by the way i get to keep the keys. So that means 'Knock'… oh wait silly me i have the keys, ill just enter thanks.

  7. Ask the question. How can we continue with these lockdowns when the cdc has admitted that the PCR test can not distinguish between cov and the flu?

  8. Saagar, brother, we need some anti-glare coating on those frames or move the lights. Lol. I love you both, but lord, that is hard to follow in one of the most important breaking points.

  9. Sagaar, you are missing the most probable explanation for Dr. Fauci's tortured, gerrymandered testimony. Fauci can be supremely confident that he could not be found guilty of giving perjured testimony when he says that it is impossible that the research he funded in China did not result in the creation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes CoVid 19 only if he knows the United States, probably the U.S. Military already had the SARS-CoV-2 virus in it's biological weapons arsenal developed under Dr. Fauci's direct or indirect supervision. If Dr. Fauci knows that the purpose of Dr. Fauci funding the WuHan Virology Institute was to misdirect investigators from finding our own military and/or intelligence services deliberately caused the pandemic for a political purpose because Trump threatened Deep State funding mechanisms. No one has asked Dr. Fauci if to his knowledge any branch of the United States government or any research facility funded by the U.S. government had already isolated the SARS-CoV-2 virus before it showed up in WuHan. The Communist Chinese government has repeatedly said that it was the U.S. Military that introduced SARS-CoV-2 into WuHan. Saddam Hussein said he didn't have nukes or a nuclear weapon program. He didn't. Bashar al-Assad said he didn't order a chemical attack of Syrian civilians. He didn't. Just because a rogue government makes a claim does not mean our government should not investigate their government's claim. The Chinese government had reason to want Joe Biden to win the 2020 election. General Mark Milley had stronger reasons. He knew that President Trump wanted to withdraw American troops from most of our overseas bases. General Milley could have tried to assassinate President Trump, but instead it is likely instead that he ordered a few workers in the WuHan Institute of Virology to be targeted for infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in late 2019. The use of the WuHan Institute of Virology as a scapegoat mat have been the plan for whenever the U.S. military chose to release SARS-CoV-2, perhaps even before General Milley hatched the plan to use SARS-CoV-2 to defeat Trump in the 2020 election. If you assume the General Milley-Dr. Fauci nexus and collusion then everything Dr. Fauci makes perfect sense and Dr. Fauci knows he cannot be proved wrong in anything he said before Congress, including telling Senator Paul, you don't know what you're talking about.

  10. No mention of the Fort Dedrick CIA sponsored Biomedical research facility, that was closed down for a biological leak. It was at the same time there was a "mysterious " pneumonia outbreak in surrounding Aged Care Facilities. Could it possibly be that COVID 19 originated in the U.S. Multinational military games were held in Wuhan just prior to COVID 19 being identified in China. American troops participated in those games. The U.S. is refusing to investigate the strange illness associated with Fort Dedrick. This would explain many earlier COVID 19 infections that were circulating prior to the Wuhan outbreak.

  11. I thought this was a serious show. Pure speculation. Next time I know now that this is an opinion show. Where the bases for those opinions are? In the mind of the beholder.

  12. You just have to wonder what other shenanigans he's been up to during his 40-50 year career and what other viruses/diseases/outbreaks he was possibly responsible for creating. Or irresponsibly manipulating.

  13. This is a ridiculous debate. No one is saying the specific funding created this virus right ? Then what are you saying ? That USA gave money to that lab at some stage ? Yes. Right. The continued funding of that lab is a hypothetical only. Soooo what hell are we talking about ?