Saagar Enjeti: FBI Raid On James O’Keefe Is ASSAULT On Press Freedom

Saagar goes through the concerning facts surrounding the FBI’s decision to raid the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and then leak communications to the New York Times

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  1. Don’t worry too much. Nobody reads the NYT anymore. It’s less read than buzzfeed articles like “what kind of potato are you?” My prediction is that in 10 years they will no longer exist as they are now, they will just be a collection of blogs exclusively available on AOL or yahoo.

  2. Genuine question.. what has he selectively edited? Like are there instances where he put a video out then later we see the full video and it's a contrary truth? I see people say that on Twitter and I've never seen one actual example given. Now I have heard O'Keefe speak and he's quite annoying and full of himself.

  3. The idea of saying that James O'Keefe is the "Press" is fraudulent and insane! The man has been busted lying, highly editing interviews to make it look like a crime is committed (full realize of videos show a different narrative) and he helping to destroying real journalism in this country.

  4. Your show and others are next. We are watching China ccp like suppression and like tactics that go after citizens. The punishment is paying for the lawyers O'Keefe will have to secure .

  5. Blaming Biden is ridiculous since the DOJ is meant to be independent from the WH and Biden has at least publicly kept away from interfering with the inner workings of the DOJ. The person to blame is the AG who violated the DOJ policy and he should resign immediately in shame, but to blame Biden without proof that he ordered them to raid the “journalist” is just untrue. Many people hate Trump because he kept interfering with the DOJ but now want to hate Biden because he keeps away from interfering directly with DOJ. This is as usual a partisan Conservative take by a fake Conservative populist. Also it is settled law under SCOTUS that their is no journalist privilege under federal law or in federal court and a reporter who refuses to give up a source can be held in contempt and held in prison until they produce what is demanded. Whether this ruling by SCOTUS is right or wrong is irrelevant as it is the law and the DOJ policy to not seek compulsory process was the DOJ affording greater protections to journalists than SCOTUS. The raid was actually less violative in fact as they could have served a subpoena and when he refused to honor it, DOJ could have gone to a federal judge and had O’keefe arrested and held him in custody until he complied with the records demand. Many reporters have gone to prison to keep their sources confidential and many were liberals but instead the DOJ chose to execute a search warrant instead of arresting O’Keefe. So this whole story is not as simple as the Conservative host would have his viewers believe and also not as bad as his lies and omissions make you believe.

  6. At this point, I trust FBI, CIA and even IRS more than mainstream and YouTube journalists. They're few walking the fine line, as everyone else isn't capable of going a day without pushing buttons and pulling levers in dark basements. We do all that while criticizing those on the top floor on how they perform.. At some point, we must stop and find a lightbulb for a clearer picture..

  7. You do know the Veritas has literally won court cases when sued for “selected editing” – right? I wish they would release full videos but apparently when judges have reviewed all footage; the integrity of their videos hold up.

  8. They initiated a search warrant for stolen property? I've never heard of James O'Keefe before, but after watching this I still don't know. It sounds like maybe another Donziger but I can't tell.

  9. Since when is James O’Keefe a journalist?? Last I recall he was not only NOT a journalist but a liar who makes deceptive edits of videos to push a Reich wing agenda and made numerous phony “sting” operation videos and was working with Erik fucking Prince to make even more fake sting operation videos and infiltrate leftist or liberal/progressive groups to discredit or sabotage them. Why would YOU two of all people be pretending that he’s anything other than that??

  10. 1st Amendment covers all yet The New York Times claims it's only for then and Corp journalists. Complete joke. NYstines destroying itself and it's history of great story's.

  11. Trump did not "rot your brain." He exposed people and you still don't like it. He was only in office 4 years, he is not the reason for all that is wrong. He is not the savior either.

  12. James O'keefe has done more manufacturing of news than Journalism. I tend to get to police scenes before news in my local town, that doesn't mean I can claim Journalist if the cops raid my home for stolen goods. Especially if I made up more stories than I broke. Lets not act like the FBI wasn't leaking to the Trump team as well, especially to Rudy Giuliani. However we don't know this is the case. I can get a guy to clone your phone and get emails, voice mails or even listen in on your call, again that doesn't mean the FBI leaked that information to me.
    On the other hand they could have leaked the information off a valid warrant to flush out other leads, again not against the law. The ethics of a lawyer call could also mean that lawyer is the person they are looking at, and did the leak to have O'Keefe throw a fit to again flush out people.

  13. Holy Sheeeet, and I thought Krystal was the one with the Pollyanna complex. Of course they're hypocrites, where have you been? It's a given! Rules for thee, but not for me (or my Administration). This is Amerikkkan politics 101.

  14. I down voted because of "scumbag" and accusations against PV. The "selective editing" is a MSM lie. Also, I've listened to a LOT of these videos and he doesn't call a lot of people scumbags, but he does call PV that???

  15. I think Enjeti has gotten ahead of his skis on this story. Neither O'Keefe nor the NYT, who are in engaged in a legal dispute now in which a judge has blocked the NYT from publishing its story on PV, cannot be relied on as sole sources on info

  16. The press seems to be ok with all this, they never said a word regarding Assange. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    We are living in a fascist corporate dictatorship, all done willingly by the American people.

    I love it. Too funny. 😂😂😂😂

  17. I can't defend veritas as journalism, they are propaganda and make up fake stories that they pass of as news. They are no Assange, Snowden, or Keriaku leaking vital information. Veritas and okeefe are propaganda peddling trash on par with the likes of Q anon and people pushing anti vax propaganda.

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