Saagar Enjeti: Hillary Lawyer INDICTED Revealing Depths Of Russiagate Fraud

Saagar provides an update on the indictment of Hillary Clinton’s former lawyer and how this story reflects the massive fraud at the heart of Russiagate

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  1. Durham's investigation found the exact opposite of what this vid title claims. It was a near total bust, with the only indictment being on a non-material charge. Your spin is embarrassing.

  2. Raise your hand if you believed, thanks to the media, that Trump really did collude with Russia… and you were angry about it… but now it turns out it was really Hillary and the DNC who colluded with Russia? So was Tulsi Gabbard really a "Russian Asset" as Hillary said too?

  3. Nobody manipulated the media. They all wanted it to be true and they all are bought and paid for "shock content". Most disgusting is how a lot of left intellectuals bought this s*it and claimed that everyone else is and idiot for not trusting the fbi.

  4. This show has falsely conveyed itself as non biased, but you are biased, towards the mandates and the vax. Saagar is the only part of this show that’s reasonably watchable. So much for being diff than the MSM!

  5. Fisa and the constitution violations are revoked as being traitors to the country space force and spy gate and espionage traitors as they extort the music moderzation act and harassment and stalking torture

  6. Right on Sagarr very well said nobody could say it better, and by the way general public these are facts they're not lies from the left…. once they tell a lie they must keep telling more lies and More Lies hence Rachel Maddow and basically in time it will destroy her and the others !!!

  7. Why does this come out now? Could it be that Trump is on the comeback trail? Is there no limit to the amount of shit Trump can do and he still is able to walk free? Both parties are using Trump to put the last final blows to what is left (and it ain't much) of democracy. Your vote is useless. President's are put in office by the oligarchs. If we don't fight back now, as Orwell stated, imagine living a life with a boot stamped of your face for the rest of your life.

  8. The same MSM and FBI pushed this false narrative and it turned out it wasn't Trump but Hillary trying to cheat/steal election. Now I'm to believe the same MSM and FBI telling me the Biden team didn't cheat/steal this election. Oh and Epstein didn't kill himself!

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