Saagar Enjeti: How COVID, Elites Are DESTROYING American Dream

Saagar provides the data that shows how the covid pandemic and elite policymakers are making it increasingly difficult for Americans to get married and live the American dream

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  1. You pretty much nailed that one. Having been married once, I'll absolutely never get married again. I ended up working two jobs while living out of my car for year during the divorce as I paid for her lawyer, even though she made slightly more than I did working 2 jobs and going back to school full time (That was great, over 18 months I averaged just under 3 hours of sleep per night because we had A LOT of family obligations on her side of the family to go to. She was from one of the First Families in the city she is from just outside of cape Cod, so it was brutal for a bit) and she was the one who made the tearful "I'm just not happy anymore" phone call right when I arrived home to an empty house I'd live in for another 2 months before there was no way I could afford it and her lawyer. I couldn't even get one do to her family name. Literal joke of a divorce since the Judge, who was also the First Justice, was a family friend who went to school with my ex mother-in-law; oh the fun that was.

    We did have a child, and I can't see my son wanting to get married at any point in the next 2 decades or so (He's 11 now). He saw what it did to me, is now starting to look into it on his own online, and at 11 he's already telling his mother she'll never be a grandmother, and that's with me landing on my feet because I was willing to shower at the gym, or shave and clean up real quick at McDonald's then drive to work/school. I make far more money than I did, paid off the property she didn't want in the divorce, I assume because it was the furthest from where her family lived and was upside down at the time the divorce was finally settled. That divorce really almost killed me, and I absolutely considered calling it a wrap on numerous occasions. No drug problems, no violence, a simple "I'm not coming home, I'm just not happy anymore" is all it takes to essentially destroy someone's life right now. I do hope my son gets married, god knows he's brought more happiness into my life than I'd ever thought possible and up until the surprise divorce, my life had been pretty decent all things considered, having moved from lower class the first 18 years of my life up to lower middle class, and eventually middle class before getting married, then to homeless for 2 years, though the second was easier since it was more couch surfing than car sleeping, up to opening my own company, paying off a nice piece a property with a small ranch style house 13 years early. 25 year loan; I lived pretty lean until last year, but that was ok bc I finally saw a payoff at the end; unfortunately, the way everything is set up. From divorce laws to tax laws, most men never get to see that payoff.

    I'm fine with paying higher taxes. I probably should now, especially on the LLC side. Maybe that's easier for me to say as my Gross isn't in the billions. Heck, it's not in the hundreds of millions, but the net-profit is roughly 20x what I pay myself, which is only 10% more than I pay the majority of my 15 employees, so yeah, when my accountant is going over my taxes with me and I see less than double my income tax being paid I can't help but shake my head. More than 20x the net profit, and less than twice the total amount in taxes? How does that happen legally? I guess I can sort of understand as I'm grouped in with other small businesses with a far higher overhead that they can't deduct, but…Our tax system is just so broken. Why a Senator doesn't come up with an actual reform bill, that will hit the floor on it's own after a campaign to gain support among the people, at least 75% of which would most likely approve of it if not more, and then take it to a vote ON IT'S OWN is beyond me. Let all these people vote Yay or Nay in front of the rest of the country so we can see who actually gives a shit about the country as a whole and who is just concerned with what the lobbyists want. Put them in a position where they will KNOW that they have zero shot of being re-elected regardless of the opponents if the don't support it. Lobbyists do take it on the chin once in awhile, and it's about time they caught a nice left hook to the jaw (metaphorically speaking). As much as they will bitch and moan before hand, they will still toss money at the government in ever-growing sums since they know that if something is overwhelmingly supported and it gets to the floor, the politician's hands are tied. It's why they cram everything into huge 1000 page + bills and push them through as quickly as possible; or if they don't like them, slow them down as much as possible but keep what is in the bill that benefits them quiet with their friends in the media making sure it stays on the hush hush. When voting on one issue, that you rally country-wide support around, well you can't keep that quiet, and that's what we need right now. Well, at least one of the reforms we need.

    If more lower and middle class people, especially men, saw a payoff at the end of the road that wasn't divorce, I can almost guarantee we'd see an uptick in families. If families weren't saddled with unreasonable taxes during their marriage we'd probably see a decent drop in divorce rates. As corporations and owners, CEO's and other ultra-wealthy individuals paid "Their fair share" we could actually lift our lower class out of what I consider a standard of living no one in the US should have to live in unless they choose to. Yes the "Boomer" and "Hippy" generation took to much and passed laws ensuring they keep it indefinitely (Kind of ironic really, commune living to the greediest generation in our countries history when it comes to the laws that were passed in the mid-late 70s which essentially destroyed the middle and lower class while enriching the elite, big pharma, and military industrial complex they hated so much. Though they certainly didn't all get rich from it, they did absolutely nothing with their votes to stop it, and votes actually mattered back then).

    One good tax reform bill could literally be the beginning of fixing our entire nation's economy, along with many of the social ailments that have been getting progressively worse over the last 45 or so years. Now we just need one good politician to get it to the floor so we can start rebuilding our nation under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, because right now, it really does look bleaker than ever. Democrats cave on almost everything while supporting the richest people in the world over the other 345 million Citizens of the country. Republicans don't seem to do much of anything save a few that I can literally count on one hand. Then when they do decide to do something, they break ranks and vote against it. I honestly don't know what either party really stands for anymore besides the .03%. We all know they have their backs. Along with women, trans people, gay people, and of course children. Heh, except when they don't feel like they need them for something at which point everything the Twitter mobs rage about are tossed out the window without a second thought and whatever "protected" group happens to get pushed aside is sitting there, mouth agape, as they are pushed aside to put other .03% legislation through.

    Politicians and the media seem to have one real job now, keep us fighting with one another while they keep pushing everyone, including the non-elite upper class further and further down the totem pole.

  2. If society's impetus is to reproduce itself, then this is a macro problem, but good luck convincing people on an individual level to give up happy, comfortable singleness in this economy so that billionaires will continue to have a plentiful supply of cheap labor and cannon fodder for their wars. No thanks. South Korea has a blossoming culture of honjok, which is a movement that views singleness and solitude as very positive things to be savored. We need a movement like that here in the US. People really need to stop panicking over the low birth and marriage rates.

  3. Shame on you Saggar! You continue to disregard the divorce rate! The amount of men that can't see their own children! The corrupt Family Law System! Toxic Femenism! The shaming and belittlement of men! Child support and alimony! This is absolutely an economic problem and men have figured out the solution, boycott marriage until fathers are valued and respected. Boycott it until the Family Law system is rid of corruption and bias towards toxic women. Boycott it until the federal government get the hell out of our intimate relationships!


  5. When you combine "enlightened" values with supposedly old school concepts like marriage- non of this is a surprise. Why would anyone choose to get married- particularly those who identify as biological male? Unless the average male gets very lucky, this will be lose-lose situation (even without kids).

  6. This click bait title is right out of cnn or breitbart..Blaming "covid elites" for people not getting married..People have more options and more access to other people now more than ever ..If boomers had tinder how many of us wouldnt exist..and many men and women are postponing marriage and focusing on career..Maybe people just dont want to get married or maybe they shouldnt spend 20k on a wedding

  7. It's always been a class issue. That's why the elites focus obsessively on race and other culture war issues. It costs them nothing to promote those ideas and gains them the virtue points from the masses who think flying a rainbow flag is somehow meaningful.

  8. Uh, Elites have been destroying the American Dream since Reagan got elected to take our rights away. This covid thing is new. I know you like to blame everything on Covid, Saagar, but taking away all of our rights has been the goal of corporate feudalism ever since James M Buchanan founded the Federalist Society. They didn't need a virus for that, they have an entire GOP fulla voters like yourself.

  9. Reporting problems but not solutions makes your channel useless. Krystal mentions saying screw you to the main stream media by watching your channel. The main stream media is not the problem, you are. What are your solutions??? What is the real difference between your show and MSM?

  10. WTF, Saag-Man? You wouldn’t be shilling for the wedding industrial complex, would you my guy? Dig, I deal with a multitude of people and have for many years. It goes like this, ALMOST everyone (it’s never everyone, we both know this) I’ve ever met who had a big wedding that cost more than $200, with a church and tuxedos and dresses and reception, didn’t end well and they ended up divorced. Not almost but actually everyone I’ve met who was married in a courthouse or just a tiny private event with little to almost no guests other than a select minute few, they stayed together and it had a great result lasting since then and this has been in my observation and surveying since 1998. Just saying. Anyway, keep at it by guy! Saag-Man, you actually make me appreciate conservatives more.

  11. I get what Saagar is saying, but one thing is that a lot of heterosexuals aren't as compatible in today's time at the moment. How many times have you seen videos of someone like a Kevin Samuels expose how dating in 2021 is a disaster and expectations are insane on both sides male and female.

  12. Good grief…this is the most stupid topic for what I thought was a genuine news source! If you want to get married, get fucking married. No one is forcing anyone to spend 28k on a wedding!!!🤦🏻‍♀️😡

  13. I was trying to figure out where they got that the American family has an average of 1.7 children. Where does that .7 come from? Then I remembered my cousin who at the most is .6 of a human 😂

  14. Just googled it :
    The median individual income is $33,000,
    The median household income is $67,000.

    But we do have the most billionaires in the world (yay),
    I wonder if there is a connection?

  15. What's always consistent about Sagaar is his ideological inconsistency and economic illiteracy. He'll complain till he's blue in the face about how the government should pass more and more economic stimulus and welfare services… And then turn right around and complain about the consequences of those same government spending plans.

  16. The American dream is what you make of your life. If you want to be a brokedick then you can be a brokedick. If you don't then you don't have to. The "classic" American dream is dead. Fortunately we have the ability to make a new dream come true. Don't be a lazy looser blaming everyone and everything for your woes..

  17. CHEAP WEDDINGS NEED TO BE FASHIONABLE. Preacher/JustOPeace, some place to do the wedding (church/court), and a party that's just snacks, beer (non-open bar) & music. The fact that folks think it NEEDS to be $25k+ is just idiotic.

  18. We had a swanky wedding with 200 guests but for much less.

    Daytime party on first Sunday of the year. Complementary? Yes, please. Invites? Cheapest.

    Party favors? Nope.

  19. When America goes into recession the only way to stop it is to take on debt and buy consumer goods. If Americans tighten their belts then the whole system collapses. We are the Unicron of Earth except at least Unicron expended some energy eating planets.

    In South Jersey I've seen 4 of my neighbors completely relapse into heroine, crack, and benzos. 2 of them are now homeless. I tried to help them out but I can barely get by. Both their phones turned off and I can't find them at the one spot they went to anymore.

    Thanks Murphy for raising cigarette taxes so much, now people are buying 2 dollar garbage packs not quitting.

    Cant the poor at least have affordable cigarettes? We know they are bad for us, but many of us do not really want to live forever like rich people. I'll be happy with 50 years and some small pleasures along the way. I'm not going to the opera, or some high level pleasure that people with money have.

    Just let my neighbors and I have a small grill, some ale, and smokes for a reasonable price.

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