Saagar Enjeti: I Said Gas Prices More Important Than Jan 6, Liberals LOST IT

Saagar defends his provocative claim about gas prices reaching $5/gallon being more important than Jan 6th hearings and points out the revealing priorities of liberals in media

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  1. Saagar is definitely correct because I recently stumbled upon a David Pakman survey very recently asking his cult what was more important and Inflation beat Jan 6 3x over.

  2. This is why I said the Democrats are weak and stupid they can still do you they January 6th but they can still tackle the issues that everybody's facing such as food rent the basic things are very expensive and that is why crime is very high and the GOP do not have a piece of policy to fix it and the Democrats don't have the will to fix it

  3. No, you implied gas prices meant we can't spend any time prosecuting the case of the attempted fascist takeover of the government. It was the equivalent of internet meme posting starting with "imagine doing a thing". We didn't "lose it" (and by we I don't mean I'm a liberal). We rightly pointed out you did it for the clicks and attention. Because when it comes down to it, you're not for solutions. Because the Republicans have zero and you hardly ever call that out or support the progressives that do. Fake populist Saagar. Shameful

  4. I’ll care about Jan 6 when our politicians care about our “Summer of Love” when Seattle had a armed Rapper / Warlord that actually annexed a few city blocks of American soil and declare independence from the US.

  5. There was an attempted overthrow of the legal pads off Nancy Pelosi's desk. Some people who chanted loudly and walked within the ropes of the Capitol entryway after they were let in. Oh the horror!!!! Less trouble from the protestors than what happens when pro sports teams win championships.

  6. I do believe 1/6 is important if only to show that change is needed and to make new laws to get integrity back. But until the lobbyists stop walking the halls of Congress with cash in their briefcases; it ain't happening. I also believe the price of gas, food, housing, and healthcare is important and needs to be worked on. Personally, I'm not going to hold me breath or for the stimulus check promised.
    But this is the problem; to me, government is formed to enhance the 7 Divine Virtues and to stop & block the 7 deadly vices. It ain't happening. Our governments fail us because they go to the treasury like pigs and withdraw all they can. The republicans are paid to be aggressive while the democrats are paid to be passive; to sit back and shut up; by the same donors that fund both parties to get their agenda done and not ours. Money over humanity. Money talks and you know what walks. I call it stupid manure. Until this changes; nothing will get done and democracy with little d or big D is slowly eroding in our world esp America. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting to look like China's environment.

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