Saagar Enjeti: Janet Yellen Paid 800 GRAND From Hedge Fund Linked To Robinhood Scandal

Saagar Enjeti discusses a major conflict of interest between the Biden administration and hedge funds involved in the Robinhood/ Reddit scandal.

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  1. The WH press secretary is Jen Psaki. Her brother is Jeffrey Psaki a manager at one of the worst hit hedge funds. Obviously everything is on the level. Do not believe your lying eyes or do your homework.

  2. And people think only China is corrupt and hide the numbers. Think about what these people do and how wall street is STILL manipulating the gold market.

  3. Lets be honest, speaking fees have nothing to do with speaking ..It's legal bribery…this is why we will never have nice thing in the current political system..

  4. Janet Yellen is not a law maker, she is a paid advisor. The US government is now paying for her advice insead of Wall Street firms. There are many better targets in Congress taking dark money to focus on. Wall Street investors produce no goods yet bleed billions of dollars off for themselves allowing them to pay huge bribes (speaking fees etc.) to everyone in power. This is one of the uglist aspects of poorly regulated capitalism. Every investor shares some blame for child labor, toxic dump sites, unsafe working conditions, and payment of these bribes.

  5. Dumb take Saagar. Do more research! Paying for order flow is completely legitimate and not nefarious. How else does Robinhood offer $0 trading fees across their entire user base?

  6. Does Crystal ever wear the same dress twice? Saagar has a few suits and a handful of ties and he's done, it looks to me as if only Crystal needs new cloths everyday.