Saagar Enjeti: Jen Psaki, Biden’s PATHETIC Covid Testing Answer Shows Admin Unfit To Lead

Saagar covers the Biden administrations inability to administer the mass distribution of covid tests as part of a larger inability for the White House to lead and take on America’s challenges

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  1. Just a little fun fact in Columbus, Ohio they have been giving out free covid tests at just about every library and health department building. It has been great that I can test myself whenever I feel necessary without feeling like im breaking the bank. I can afford a $12-20 test but I would likely not test as often if it wasn't free.

  2. WHAT! You pay for covid tests in America!!! OMG! here in UK they are in almost every store – you just pick one up or get a batch mailed to you. Unbelievable.
    EDIT = Oops should watch video till the end.

  3. If back to normal means no more covid19 or variants then news flash we are never getting back to normal. American citizens decide whether we go back to normal stop listening to covid advice if u want normal

  4. Crazy theory and I have no evidence to back it up — The Biden Admin wants tests to be expensive because his vax mandate has a weekly testing alternative. If the tests were free or significantly cheaper, their would be less pressure on the unvaccinated to get the jab.

    Very scary if true.

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