Saagar Enjeti: John Cena’s DISGUSTING Bow To China Reveals How Sold Out US Elite Is

Saagar Enjeti explains how the Chinese government is able to control the speech of American elite including LeBron James and John Cena.

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  1. I remember when communism was shunned, until the oligarchs profited off the cheap labor. Just ask Mr. Wonderful about loyalty to American employees.

  2. Saagar: Trump shouldn't be banned from anything "I LOVE FREEDOM AND CHOICES!!!!"
    Saagar: We should drag anyone who has other opinions about the CCP and doesn't love war$$$$

  3. CORRECTION: Saagar he does speak Mandarin. In fact, he began learning it in 2014 for the express purpose to do more business in China. You did not come well prepared to this radar Saagar. The way he spoke in that video was not a "phrase" as you said. It is clear that he speaks the language because he was speaking conversationally. Not sure what "research" you conducted since I found all this out with a quick Google search.

  4. Cena speaks mandarin? Impressive. Now you don’t know if Cena was forced to do that by the producers. Still shameful but I don’t think we should go against Cena.

  5. the mass exodus in stable middle class jobs started way before either of you were born…Castle and Cook was a multinational corp that left Hawai'i selling out to cheaper labor in other countries that grew pineapple…C&H sugar did the same with sugar cane throwing many field and factory workers out of employment…Cena has done nothing different than trump has as a business owner – obtw – where did those carrier jobs wind up after trump promised they wouldn't be lost???

  6. I wasn't going to watch the movie anyways, but now I have an excuse for not forking out the cash for my wife and 4 kids to go without me.
    It's a win win win for me.

  7. Please premier the film in China and never release it here. Third rate actors in third rate films bankrolled by very successful dictators. So be it, just keep it on the mainland.

  8. A citizen shouldn't be held to the same standards as a politician. What I'm saying is, who cares if John Cena was being human, he's not a politician and he should be friendly to the entire world. Who wants a whole country to not allow them to film there or whatever.

  9. I resent anyone saying a racist country like the USA "gave everything" or made" any black person even if you disagree with them on a certain subject. LeBron made it despite his circumstance like many black folks in this country. People love saying black people should worship at the altar of America. Get outta here with that mess. People should be grateful that black folks are even patriotic after being treated the worst.

  10. Beyond neo-liberalism and capitalism, this is a clear example of where Globalism leads. Globalist philosophies have been adopted by the world's elites (for their economic gain) and when there is any push back there is a loud and orchestrated cry of "Tribalism will be our undoing!".
    Leaving his toxic persona aside, Trumps negotiation philosophy of "We will negotiate what is best for America, you negotiate what is best for your country, when we are done we should have a plan that works for all" threatened the very core of the Globalist hegemony.

  11. Krystal blames capitalism for this John Cena situation, but fails to recognize that capitalism can also be the solution. STOP SENDING YOUR MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE BY CONSUMING THEIR PRODUCTS. If Hollywood wants to cater to a Chinese market in this way then we need to show them that they won't be welcome here. John Cena can go live in China for all that I care.

  12. As a passing fan of WWE I can tell you that John Cena has been studying Manderen for years now to promote them in china. He has ALWAYS been a good little boy for his corporate overlords