Saagar Enjeti: Media BLAMES AMERICANS For Historic Gas Inflation

Saagar dismantles the media coverage around inflation that blamed the American people instead of President Biden or politicians with the power to address the issue

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Ryan Grim:

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  1. Saagar, how are "tariffs on China" not just taxes on American consumers? Those prices pass through to us. Chinese goods are the most cost effective option for the American poor and working class to buy. Don't you think those tariffs will be added to the cost of our goods? So, who do your tariffs really punish? You want Americans to have better options, so you worsen the option they always choose? Please help me understand this. [ without just ignoring my points ] Thanks.

  2. I love it when Saagar's rants. Its clarifying to see how inept the current administration. All the media journalists are trained in the same schools and come from the same socio-economic class. I really would like to see journalists from Des Moines or Kingsport TN instead of the same old guard. Democrat administrations (Republicans to some degree) want soft answers and narratives that correspond to their policy. Access is the key to sell out. I really want confrontational journalists all the time Democratic and Republican.

  3. What the fuck kind of question is that journalist asking? Like we have a effing choice? Like we have public transport? Wow how ignorant.. what is the journalists name? Like that was such a stupid and arrogant question

  4. I calculated that I spend $2.40/mile (in CA at $6/gal), so even though I’m 2.5 miles from work, it costs me $12 a day just to go to work! Record oil profits and this still goes on. Had to start riding a bike! Good thing I live close, but that’s not the case for everyone.

  5. 8 wont completely take blame off of some Americans, i know some people who bought a giant gas guzzling truck ti daily drive a year ago, havent seen him us the bed once, then he starts bitching about gas prices, im like sorry but you are the last person i want to hear bitching

  6. That's right…its the peoples fault for having to drive to work to earn a pay check….pay for bills and fucken taxes, put kids through school and even worst… money to retire because the worthless fucken government we have has squandered our Social Security.

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