Saagar Enjeti: Media faces ‘Extinction Level Event’ as Russiagate, #MeToo IMPLODE

Saagar Enjeti discusses the media’s partisan coverage of Russiagate and the ‘Believe Women’ movement during the Trump era, highlighting their failure to cover Flynn’s recusal.

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  1. Problem is THIS story itself is being squashed. STOP under-estimating the power of Dems-Media. This is a media-war, and truth in a video with 250000 views, is NOT enough. We must fight HARDER or there will be no Extinction Level Event, there will be no accountability, and Joe Biden (if he can still walk) will win, allowing the DNC full control. 65 million people will vote for him BECAUSE of believing Collusion, METOO and other lies. FIGHT BACK HARDER.

  2. I have just recently started watching you guys. Great job you guys at Rising! I really like seeing more people out there telling the TRUTH. But the MAIN truth we should all learn is..the Demorats are giving the mainstream media ALOOOOOT OF MONEY!! What else could they possibly be willing to constantly dump their integrity and their reputation for?? Good old fashioned MONEY!! Greed is ALWAYS the motivator.

  3. Sleepy media is fired, no credibility , they never walk back a false story … Listen to radio more… ????.. Childless Russia has its own problem .. Shrinkage…

  4. I want some indictments. These crooked cops and politicians can't go scot-free! The whole justice system remains tainted until they are forced to face judgement in a court of law.

  5. When you’re dead you don’t know you’re dead. Everyone knows your dead.

    It’s the exact same thing when MSM are dying and they just don't know it.

  6. This right here is the biggest reason why I want a Republican supermajority in Congress; perhaps then they can finally grant the FTC the authority to fine news organizations continuing to push out propaganda and fake news. Maybe once their bottom line starts taking massive hits day after day, they'll finally learn.

  7. The only journalists are on fox news. Leftist don't have the mental discipline to be a creditable or great journalist. The "media" is just the propaganda arm of the DNC

  8. So, are you bullshit artists going to talk about how the accusations against Biden are falling apart? It looks like Putin's biggest fan was about as honest as he is.
    Then again, you think you can simply rebrand "spygate" as "Obamagate"- your media watchdogs aren't even housebroken.


  10. One caveat, Krystal. Trump can be obnoxious and over-the-top sometimes. But he’s never so about the mainstream media which collectively ought to be drawn through the streets and the each one of them quartered. The Tara Reade example justifies my “over-the-top” fantasy.

  11. Oh crap!… At this rate me and my dog are probably Russian spies and we don't even know it!… I can't even trust my DOG anymore!…???….Dems accusing everyone else but refuse to look inward at their own soap opera!

  12. So I guess Trump didn't get the majority of his income from Russians from the 80's on, was negotiating an 800 million dollar deal with russians all through the campaign, his weird deference to Putin and fulfillment of his wish list internationally, in Syria, in Ukraine, in Crimea. That he believes Putin above his own national intelligence. Over 200 documented contacts with Russians during the campaign. "Russia if you're listenning…"
    The Trump tower meeting, I guess none of that litany matters.
    Then there is Flynn. Explain to me how they set him up and made him lie about being an agent for foreign interests. How, exactly, do you set someone up to lie?
    Were they waterboarding him? Did they threaten him?
    How do you rationalize all this behavior?