Saagar Enjeti: Media FREAKS That GOP REFUSES To Talk To Them

Saagar breaks down the reasons why the GOP has stopped talking to the media and why they freaked out in response to being ignored

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Bradley P. Moss:

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  1. The MSM has been lying and smearing the man since he came down the escalator. The MSM is chock full of left wing activists! Why the hell would any Rep politician speak to them?? C'mon Saager, you're smarter than this.

  2. I have learned that the media is a table slanted far to the left…. If the media outlets actually engaged their viewers with balance reporting they would still be in the game….. This is the reason I now watch reporting such as yours…… Follow the others and you will lose trust with the viewer. If you follow – your show will done in no time.

  3. 2 points:
    1-this fracturing of America with the assistance of politics is quite troubling because it extends to pockets of ideologues in the civilian population. This may lead to violence.
    2-it shows that the corporate media is only interested in power and aligning itself with those in power to stay relevant, and they think of themselves as the political elite while forgetting entire segments of the population or reasonable objecting viewpoints.

    2 is driving number 1 in my belief.

  4. Don't know why media is freaking out. GOP tried to overthrow the government. Media should call them all out 24/7 and not care about the uncomfortable cocktail parties.

  5. Honestly, people need to start debating again. Everything these days is either endless back and forth beefs on YouTube or people having like 5 people on one side all grilling one person, so it just becomes the majority dunking and making the solo opposition look weak or stupid. Why would anyone want to be a part of that? It should be 1 on 1, not this panel firing squad BS, and everyone gets an unadulterated copy of the interview.

  6. If 60 Minutes edited DeSantis's one interview out of context, why on Earth would he do that again? These people are slimy snakes. I wouldn't agree to any interview that I didn't also have my own copy of.

  7. That's why he's been all but removed from social media. They don't want him having direct access to public. It didn't work out well for them last time. Now they using the FBI as a weapon. It's all corrupt nonsense.

  8. The media nonstop cheerleaded for Democrats & trashed Republicans.. So, we made our own infrastructure.. and we continue building it. The infrastructure is becoming less and less insulated, too. It's reaching normies and independents. We DESPISE YOU & we DON'T NEED YOU.

  9. You see how Saagar just keeps to the news and analyzes without bias. And then you have Krystal that within the first minute of her monologue after the trump raid just calls everyone rallying for trump "crazy kooks"

  10. No one thinks about the day Sagaar calls 'the most significant'. By far, the most significant day in US politics in the past 100 years is the Jan 6th insurrection – the very day Sagaar ignores and has said he intentionally ignores. Sagaar also ignores the GOP celebration of racism and fascism at CPAC and he ignores Jan 6th. This is how fascists operate. Sagaar is a right wing fascist. And Ball enables him by playing the part of someone on the left.

  11. Ball's monologue about Biden was 100% Tucker Carlson BS. You guys can't praise Biden because it would hurt your revenue. The right in the country embraces racism and fascism and that is why you are 100% radio silent about CPAC. CPAC is the smoking gun.

  12. I grew up when the idea was that the media was there to hold the politicians accountable… somehow it has gotten to the point where the politicians have to hold the media accountable.

  13. The msm is way past their expiration date. They could have extended it significantly but they didn't reform at all, on the contrary. Nobody is gonna cry for those multimillionaire.

  14. The GOP will talk to any news organization. But it’sa stretch to call CNN and The NY Times news organizations. How many times does 60 min get to edit DeSantis’ comments before he tells them to kick rocks?

  15. I was thinking how much work these two must do to constantly have a new monologue every day and have stories researched and written out and edited for coverage. Unless they have a team to do all this for them, it seems rather personal how they read the stories. Idk how it works but impressive nonetheless

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