Saagar Enjeti: Media HYPOCRISY As MSNBC Mocks Fox News For Asking Biden About Hunter

Saagar Enjeti compares the media’s treatment of Joe Biden to how Donald Trump has been treated during his Presidency.

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  1. Trump supporters : “The FBI is corrupt for investigating Trump! They have no legitimacy! Deep state!”

    Also Trump supporters: “The FBI is investigating Hunter Biden! He’s a criminal!”

  2. It's too late for noting media complicity and hypocrisy. They believed they could sway the election in 2016, and failed. So these same media outlets spent 4 years providing a platform for a Democrat fabricated narrative, and they are reaping the reward.
    Social media is the finishing school for the liberal agenda. Having made the masses less educated and happily ignorant, sites like FB placate mouth breathers with meaningless drivel and vacuous distraction, all while denying a voice to those who dare defy the narrative.
    Like it or not, we are witnessing the end of a great experiment in liberty. When Democrats can implement a system of tabulating votes via companies they own, and virtually no major media source nor Federal law enforcement are willing to pursue legitimate investigations concerning the Democrat candidate and his familial ties to communist regimes, where does this leave the opposition?

  3. Even more concerning than media hypocrisy here is the fact Dr. Biden has to come out and escort Joe as he shuffles off the stage. Will he be able to last 4 years or will they have to turn to the vice-president to step up? Is this why Obama was not in favor of Joe's candidacy?

  4. Why watch rising if Saagar only criticizes Democrats? If he's never going to challenge power on his side, I'm getting the exact same news from Fox, Newsmax and OANN.

    Saagar talking about Hunter everyday while NOT speaking anything about Ivanka and Chinese, Trump hotels hosting Saudis and all the worst people, without any shame, with huge ass conflict of interest is what hypocrisy is!

  5. Kayleigh hasn't answered a question directly since the election so nice job picking out two unanswered questions Saager. The sitting President literally quit his job and doesn't talk to us. So is MSNBC being unfair or is it you Saager?

  6. Today, right now, on Capitol Hill, the Repubicans are calling out Dominion software corruption in a Federal hearing. We Progressives must join in their battle to tackle Democrat's/Establishment Election Fraud. Glory Hallelujah, history is being made. Are you paying attention?!

  7. "Duck and cover" was a meaningless thing my elementary school forced its students to endure. Now, the phrase has become the m.o. for our elected officials.

  8. Saagar and Krystal you should know better than to question the Democratic Establishments efforts to protect a cognitively impaired war criminal and sexual predator that they forced down the countries throat.

  9. Just please don't make it sound like Fox is doing this because it's the right thing to do ?. They'd never do it if it was Trump or another member of the GOP. ?

  10. it is not selective journalism that causes the laughter. You fail to understand how incompetent and evil the trump admin is. worst screaming into the box radar segment ever, Saager.

  11. You assume, Saagar, that the press had info from the DOJ's investigation – that's not a good assumption. You also suggest that the media reporting the actions of a sitting president should be similar to the reporting on a regular citizen that's not holding public office. There's plenty to criticize about the happenings in DC – you don't have to make stuff up or resort to false equivalence. While there has been an investigation, that wasn't known to Trump. So yes – to this point conspiracy noise is still conspiracy noise – one doesn't negate the other. Let's see what the investigators report once the DOJ investigation is complete. Maybe Hunter will share a cell with Trump, maybe not.

  12. So, let me get this straight. Fox started the media bias? Not true lady. Fox was crated to provide the different point of view that they could not get anywhere else. Maybe it helped the Republican party? Much like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBS, and ABC help the Democratic party. I think Fox is justified in the 5-1 media odds.


  14. I don't see how that was mocking anyone. It was repeating what was said. Saagar, you're engaging in the same garbage as msm by suggesting something that was just not what you said. Now, maybe Biden gets softballs from non fox people, but this wasn't one of them. And yes there is a lot of hypocrisy on all networks. We all get sick of it. So don't become that. We look to you and Krystal to keep it real.

  15. If Hunter Biden is given an office and special advisor role in the WH then this will matter. Time to worry about the policies and programs Biden will enact. Look here–look there but never look straight ahead seems to be the direction of The Hill Rising