Saagar Enjeti: Media IGNORES Ghislane Maxwell Trial As Powerful Slip Away

Saagar does what the media elites refuse to do and provides an update on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial that could implicate many prominent members of society.

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  1. May the wrath of the abused girls/women by Epstein will be on the necks of the people who enabled him and now also try to conceal the revelation of the facts surrounding his and their own crimes.

  2. "Race-baiting coverage designed to rip us apart" You mean coverage like your channel provides Saager!? Talking about Waukesha without mentioning the blatant hate crime aspect and then having the unmitigated gall to follow that story with a story about white supremacist and CRT! I used to believe in you guys, now you're just fucking pathetic!

  3. Considering she trafficked people for sex and her dad Robert Maxwell a media mogul died in odd circumstances in an boating accident it would not shock me if Robert also did sketchy activities

  4. Ghislaine Maxwell is guilty as sin and the fact the "mainstream" media doesn't cover it is an absolute disgrace.

    This case is the biggest miscarriage of justice in history and how Epstein's associates are not in prison is even more disgusting.

    Maybe somebody should ask Sick Billy what Ghislaine was doing at his ugly daughter's wedding?!

  5. We've recently heard the phrase "Too Big To Fail." Another phrase may be evolving, "Too Big To Prosecute." Old phrases such as "Justice For All'' and "No One Is Above The Law" are "So yesterday."

  6. You know, Mr. Enjeti, the poor are often labelled as 'poor and dirty' when, forgive the expression, 'birds don't s— in their own nests.' but clearly, the entitlement of wealth prevents the the rich being labelled as 'manipulative and coercive.' Pedophiles are pedophiles; the poor get punished or mental health, there is something very wrong with a system that won't even investigate suspicions surrounding the very rich.

  7. Kinda funny how videos and photos are permitted in other high profile cases, but as of late, for the rich pedophile elites, there are only pretrial watercolors. Why is that? For all the public could know, the narrative behind the last arrests of Epstein and Maxwell is a lie.

  8. Saagar please note correction and acknowledge FBI did not make 'SWEETHEART" deal …the US Attorney's Office (DOJ) negotiated that….be an honest journalist and announce your correction

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