Saagar Enjeti: Media IGNORES Outrageous Hunter Biden Corruption Report. Here Are The Facts

Saagar Enjeti breaks down the recent report from Senate Republicans that details Hunter Biden’s alleged business dealings with oligarchs around the world.

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  1. Let me see Hunter versus the trump Children ? 3 to 1. Hunter smoking Crack versus humongous cash loans to Kushner. No $1200 stimulus check for me. Enough to fill me with Regrets for not voting for Bernie.

  2. If people didn't care about Donny's family doing shady business deals while under the protection of the US Govt…why should anyone care about Hunter's shady dealings from years ago?

  3. @ 6:00 how dumb is Dementia Joe to think we the people will believe this BS. He must work around some of the dumbest people known to man or he just has a lot of yes people around him that don’t question anything he says or does. This happens to people at the top,this is why celebrities like them so much,they both live the same life style.

  4. just one thing here needs to be said…. Trump tower moscow which trump was trying to make happen while running as president…. you can say what you want about hunter biden but until that gets looked into who cares about corruption cause republicans only care about bidens corruption but they are all corrupt

  5. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, is there media bias, Surprise, Foundations that rake in Huge cash Donations from Foreign source's, Surprise, Them caring about it and changing there actions, Surprise, who's going to make them, there's no viable third-party to make a difference, we are played for fools and fed commercial sound bites that push Emotional buttons

  6. The NY Post is running story after story about Hunter Biden. But it doesn't matter what they write, because Hunter is not a politician. We didn't elect him to anything. Unless Rep. Johnson, et al can directly show that Biden did the money laundering and sex trafficking (and not the bank), then why should it matter? Every pol has a relative that's a screwup. I guess Saagar forgot about Billy Carter and Pres. Clinton's brother? And who can forget Pres. Obama's half-brother who emerges every year and criticizes him?
    Nobody cares about Biden and what he did on some board. It's the Ukraine's problem and they should investigate, not us.

  7. Imagine if all of the sensible people of the country, who recognize that these two candidates are garbage, didn’t vote or voted in no confidence, what kind of statement that would make

  8. Which is worse? Joe Biden didn't know about his son's foreign emoluments, or that he didn't think it was important enough to find out, or ask for details after he was told? His "no big deal" attitude is what's really aggravating. And explains a lot about the DC political culture. He just didn't even give a shit.

  9. "And America needs to know if this pattern of allowing corruption within your own closest family members while serving as Commander and Chief will continue"…Kind of Sounds like that could go both ways.

  10. And all of that in light of the fact that Hunter Biden had NO experience in petroleum markets or production. Say what you will about the Trump family, at least they bring business acumen to the table.
    Should anyone, at this point in time, continue to deny liberal bias from the usual media suspects, they don't even deserve the time it takes to laugh at them.

  11. This double standard has terrible consequences. I’d rather have a republican in office just because of this fact. If Trump started as many wars as Obama there would be people outraged. But since it was Obama there was silence.

    Trump sign peace deals and the media still attacks him. Let that sink in.

  12. Saagar…stop being an hack….the newspapers are right on this. If GOP senators are going to release a complete hack job on Biden, yet, the president in the white house has been doing the same thing if not worse thus why he is hiding his tax returns and his business record to the point that Steve Bannon quoted that the Trump organization is a money laundering operation.The Gop senators cannot say a word on this and there is nothing to see here.

  13. I'll never understand why Biden gets a pass on all his pathetic, slimy actions over the past 50 years. He's not all that intelligent, even before he became demented.. I guess he is just a willing tool for the Democrats. As Nancy Pelosi would say "Joe Biden is Joe Biden." And I guess they are just continuing to bank on their belief that Americans are just willing tools on their behalf.