Saagar Enjeti: Media Lets Biden SHAMELESSLY LIE About Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

Saagar Enjeti discusses the latest developments in the Hunter Biden controversy and gives his thoughts on why he thinks the media is being too lenient.

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  1. Ball is an idiot. She couldn’t admit anything Trump has accomplished if her life depended on it. When Trump wins, she’s going to lose it.

  2. Not a scrap of evidence that Joe Biden knew about it at the time. One email states that not only did Joe Biden know about it, Joe Biden received a 10% share in the money. Another suggests that Joe Biden received half of Hunter Biden's salaries. That's more than a scrap of evidence.

  3. Biden family insider Tony Bobulinski has provided a trove of documents to U.S. Senate investigators from the Senate Homeland Security and Senate Finance Committees, Breitbart News has learned.

    Bobulinski, the recipient of one of the emails retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop, went public on Wednesday night with a statement saying he confirms its authenticity and detailed how former Vice President Joe Biden — the Democrat nominee for president in this year’s election, which is just over 10 days away — was personally involved in many dealings with his son’s business associates.

  4. How should've Trump handle it ? Corrupt DoJ ,FBI will handle it? Those bozos sat on this laptop while our president was getting impeached. They sat on this laptop while Joe waltzes up to the presidential election knowing full and well that he;s compromised. Barr and Wray need to go. Dammit! Can our country get any justice?!

  5. Is it true that the Chinese energy company Hunter joined was being investigated by the FBI and charged? How did China get the stealth technology? These are the questions that need to be answered!??

    Also, we don’t see addicts with jobs they have no clue about making millions. He did not take the moral high ground, he deflected from the question!

  6. New facts. Secret chinese bank account. Trump paid over a 100k to china in taxes and 750 to the US. Trump and ivanka got a bunch of new chinese business deals after he became president. Trump is projecting to deflect. Theres no proof biden has ever benefited frim anything hunter did. Its been investigated already by republicans

  7. So Sag is channeling 2015 Bernie being sick of the damn emails before the media even covers the emails. Sag is not much of a republican by not wanting to cover this incredibly important story. Democrats impeached the wrong guy! That is important. Biden has been selling out America for money. That is important.

  8. Ooopps…You forgot trump's secret China account or that he is $900 million dollars in debt. Do you know why he owes so much money to Deutche bank? No US bank was willing to loan trump the chump money. Do you why? Because he declared bankruptcy and defaulted on a number of loans. In other words: a failed business man. You got to love trump the chump's handling of COVID 19. All I can say to those readers of this misleading information is: do you research. Why doesn't he release his taxes? Just ask yourselves that question. I'm sure if it were Biden, you would probably say he is hiding something. trump the chump's children are barred by LAW to head or be involved in any charity. Do you know why? They were caught stealing from these charities. As a former serviceman, I resent trump the chump calling all of our fallen heroes losers. I hope none of the readers have or have had members of their family be serviceperson who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. In case you have forgotten you and I make this country great. Not some shyster politician tell us we are great. We already know this…

  9. The only truth dementia Joe has let come out of his mouth is this man "President Trump" has done things that no other president has ever done, Yes he has kept his promises!! You are right about that Pinocchio Joe ??? Trump 20 20 ???? ALL THE WAY ??!!

  10. Both candidates and pretty much every powerful person I know have given their kids a quick path to riches. But Trump’s nepotism with his kids is just as bad if not worse than this. I mean Jared Kushner, Ivankas husband, is leading Middle East peace talks and the response to COVID. Jobs he is clearly not qualified for. Ivanka has gotten through hundreds of pattens in China, and Don Jr has made massive international hotel deals…

  11. The majority report states – “On Feb. 14, 2014, Baturina wired $3.5 million to a Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC (Rosemont Seneca Thornton) bank account for a “Consultancy Agreement DD12.02.2014.” It cites a “confidential document”. The minority report states that the “confidential document” was not corroborated by other evidence, including that obtained through over 40 subpoenas that were issued. After a lengthy investigation all that Johnson and Grassley can say is a firm was paid for consultancy and that Hunter might be associated to that firm but they don’t say that they did not find evidence to support either. So Saagar is saying that Hunter Biden needs to prove his innocence. Saagar is also saying in effect that Hunter should stop using his family name in any of his business dealings, not sure that is a crime to use your legal name, pretty sure that it is illegal to use a false name. Anyhow Saagar has serious anger management issues when it comes to the Bidens.

  12. How very sad the power of drug addiction. It has ensnared the VP, he in turn is an enabler to his drug addicted son, and then taken our whole countrys economy, autonomy, freedom, and put it all at risk. Time to arrest Hunter Biden and Jie Biden. The approvsl of the media is not required for Law Enforcement to do its duty. It is dangerous if Biden becomes president to stack the Supreme Court and Constitutional Law is overturned which gives foreign interests free reign in our U.S.

  13. When there's an official, independent investigation, a trial, and judgment, then it's on the level of TRUMP'S IMPEACHMENT. As of now, this is QAnon news.

  14. The laptop has much bigger scope and these two partisans know it. The laptop proves Trump should not be impeached. The laptop proves Biden should have been impeached and should not be president if it was such a disqualifying thing for Trump. It also proves Biden can be blackmailed for all the other things we have not seen yet on this topic. This is why Sag and Krys are giving this extremely limp reporting on such a big story.

  15. I sympathize with crack heads but I'm not gonna trust them ever, as long as they still have a drug problem, and I know no other American with an addicted family member thinks otherwise.

  16. Y'all need to change the lighting behind Sagar. It constantly looks like if he was wearing a Yarmulke. Its the light reflecting on his hair product, but I keep thinking "Is today a Jewish Hollyday?" wait, "Is Sagar Jewish??" …….

  17. Saagar, you caped for the repubs long and hard, and we're not going to forget it. YOU helped pave the way for the liar in chief- so your whining now about biden is just stupid. You need to wipe all that egg off your face and APOLOGISE for what you did to help dismanlte this country before your fainting over biden's lies will matter. Yes, biden is a horrible person with a horrible record- but you were a big fat LYING trump supporter, and that's just fact.

  18. Saagar you are completely right. Whether allegation is true or not the media has just dropped the ball since Trump got elected. They are on the “anything but Trump train!”.

  19. This go's back to Obama regulations Tax . " these jobs not back " BS impeachment . Now turn the truth tables ……Who makes money from within and USA suffers ?