Saagar Enjeti: Media SMEARS Joe Rogan, Ivermectin With Blatant Fake News

Saagar provides the details on the most recent round of mainstream media smears of Joe Rogan and he debunks the fake news spread by the media about ivermectin. Just as a reminder, Krystal will be back from vacation on Thursday and she will return to her position as co-host.

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  1. So… They had victmS, implying more than one, and no news about how they got shot, who shot them, so shooting people is less a crime than taking prescription medicine, 'cos even if you get the veterinary grade, it is still prescription.

  2. Several studies and reports have shown that the COVID infection viral load is the same for the unvaccinated as it is for the vaccinated. The virus will still spread to others regardless of your vax status. There are also studies that show (ADE) and/or Pathogenic Priming from the vax which causes a confused immune system. So a vaccinated person with a confused immune system can also give you a variant that is more vaccine resistant. It is absolutely not a "fact" that the vaccinated are less likely to spread Covid.

  3. I really like breaking points and love that they aren't afraid to call out other news agencies that are pushing misinformation about, well pretty much everything at this point. I do feel however that you are possibly incorrect in your statement Saagar. When you said that the vaccine lessens your symptoms and therefore you are less likely to spread the virus, I believe that to not be the case. Yes, true, the vaccine lessens your symptoms making the chance of you getting seriously ill much less likely, but I think that right there is where you would actually see an increase in possible transmission, for the following reason. If you are vaccinated and get the virus, and you have lessened symptoms you might not think you are sick, or even worse think that "yes I'm sick but I can't possibly transmit this to anybody because I'm vaccinated.", due to misinformation from the media. So that individual would go out into public, either unknowingly or thinking that they can't cause harm to anybody, instead of staying home. In this case that individual is now more likely spreading the virus because, as it has been proven, it is still possible to transmit the virus even with being vaccinated. Am I wrong in this line of logical reasoning?

  4. sure, its misleading for cnn to call ivermectin "horse dewormer" all of the time, but it is irresponsible for joe rogan to inform his giant audience that he used an unproven medication to treat covid19

  5. Does this guy even have any testosterone? I can’t believe I’m saying this but this is so boring and vapid. I actually enjoy the passion of cnn. Hahah. By the way ivermectin worked for me too. It was super easy to take. No side effects.

  6. You call out the media for spreading "misinformation" but you REFUSE to call out your best bud Joe Rogan 😂 Saagar looking more and more like a clown each day 🤡

  7. Joe Rogan is wrong. The only absolute truth on covid is the one that is given to us by Anthony Fauci and the government. It doesn't matter that they have contradicted themselves and have been incorrect dozens of times so far. They are the authority and the power, we should listen to them and not to question. Free-thinkers and people asking too many questions, like Rogan, should be cancelled. End of story.

  8. So the news who called the therapeutic the horse dewormer is the reason why people overdosed because they opened the door for people to buy the non prescribed animal versions and administer. Its not like joe said go out and buy the cheapest most available version without a prescription.

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