Saagar Enjeti: Media Tries To CENSOR ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ As US Turns On Biden

Saagar goes over the media’s campaign to censor the popular online phrase ‘let’s go Brandon’ because of the anti-Biden message behind it

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  1. The way the media covered Trump had millions of people who didn't pay attention to politics before start to they heard all of Joe's promises that's what is going on

  2. Well, my take is President Biden is just protecting us People, now can you say the same thing to what Happened now in TEXAS, Astroworld, It could have been prevented if they only follow CDC GUIDELINES, now where is the LET’s Go BRANDON rhetoric, just saying, what a hypocrite SAAGAR👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. This is a pretty weak take Saagar. It's just nascar fans that are probably q-anon quacks. Not that I like Biden, but I'll say fuck Donald Chump all day because he is a detriment to our country. Wanna talk about how most of these people likely think there was election fraud? Do you think Chump won Saagar?

  4. Here in North Carolina, I was behind a pickup at a redlight and the dude had a large Let’s Go Brandon rear windowsticker, with hashtag # FJB. Which I assume means F Joe Biden. So the mem has gotten onto vehicle window stickers at this point.

  5. Welp im in Twitter jail today because i said bill gates publicly denied to share his vaccine patent to the under developed world. Wonder if YouTube will do the same 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  6. The original clip was funny but it's turned into a spammed lame boomer meme. 5 checkmark neoliberals were offended. Righties are acting like it's a cool secret code they're offending everyone with when basically no one cares. Left critics of Biden have been making substantial criticisms of him for years and this is the best the right has because they're even worse than neoliberals and have no policy substance to attack him on. The current American right seems to care about nothing except thinking they've upset liberals and this basically the next flash in the pan.

    But hey I guess the right finally has a 2nd joke to go with "I identity as a ….."

  7. Child's Play here! Once again class; follow the deadly deep state trail. Social media, mainstream media, and the devious Lincoln Project profiteers are all deep staters. They censor and cancel and do whatever it takes to prop-up their installed (and bumbling) puppet figure. Secession is the best option if you don't wish to continue living in this declining Banana Republic.

  8. So, YouTube bans "Let's go Brandon", but is totally fine with people like Nick Cannon calling white people "evil" among other very racist commentary. Progressives today are not creating progress – if anything, they are taking us backward!

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