Saagar Enjeti: Media’s Lab Leak FAILURE Is NEXT Iraq WMD

Saagar Enjeti dissects how and why the media discredited the coronavirus “lab leak theory.”

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  1. Saagar, please. The media has never been to report the truth. It’s always existed for the purpose of pushing a narrative conducive to the class in power’s interests. It’s not something new to the Trump years, it’s just more visible now.

  2. There is still another theory. Deliberate release theory. The use of Covid as a bioweapon to quell the Hong Kong demonstrations and as a disruptive influence on the world economy. The implications of this theory being proven are so ghastly as to not even be mentioned on this report. Still, there is some evidence in the way the viral infections were handled. Even, I would say, the choice of putting this lab is such a large commercial city center is either arrogance, stupidity, or an evil design. When the US engaged in bioweapon programs, like nuke program in Los Alamos, they put it in "Nowhere", OK, not in Chicago, IL. The Soviet's program did have a lab leak, and they dumped truckloads of bleach into the village affected. It's the other Chernobyl.

  3. Let’s not forget to add these same people are telling you the vaccines are safe! The fact is that with no LONG TERM studies we DO NOT know what potential side effects may arise!

  4. I listened to Vincent Cariello {?} of youtube channel TWiV {This Week in Virology} say several times COVID could not have come from a lab/Wuhan R+D. Yet, he interviews the same figures directing programs there in Dec 2019, about how easy it is to swap and edit and gain-of-function. Fauci is looking like that Inspector with a glass cabinet of exotic lighters that always seems to be on the scene when the trucks and sirens arrive.

  5. I think you need to look beyond the Trump excuse.
    The media did the same thing here in UK in regards to the lab leak theory . Everyone who believed it was a conspiracy theorist .
    It had zero to do with Trump for the UK media.
    There have to be other reasons !

  6. Stop saying Trumps Catastrophic failure. When everyone was calling him a racist and dictator for shutting down China travel. You all failed the USA by not getting to the truth. Take some Mushrooms there Krystal. You may be awakened.

  7. You still can't get off Trumps nuts. Spell out how he handled this so much worse than anyone else… NY? MI? You are the people you complain aabout, but you say "no true scottsman". That's all. The same.

  8. They all Liars so what makes us think that the vaccine is any better for us to take is distance from and into lies they tell and distance from the all of truth ☠️