Saagar Enjeti: Monkeypox Facts COVERED UP By Woke Politics

Saagar examines the facts surrounding the Monkeypox outbreak and how woke politics are being prioritized by authorities over combatting the disease

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Jordan Chariton:

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  1. I wonder why only gay sex transmits a disease that’s supposed to be transmitted through saliva? There are far more straight people in the world which means there are quite a lot of men who hookup with women. Why do they not transmit the saliva when they kiss?

  2. pakistan thought terrorists will only kill Hindus and so they are suffering now. America thought propaganda and condescension will only affect the third world and so they are suffering now.

  3. I hate wokeness as much as the next guy, but you really should steel-man their position. If monkeypox is almost exclusively a homosexual phenomenon, then places where homosexuality can be punished by prison/death, monkeypox may mean death sentence. All the more reason they should know though… since those authorities know anyways.

  4. Mainstream media is dead today. It's just 24/7 propaganda from the ruling class. Breaking Points has great news and commentary, Jimmy Dore Show News with a comedic touch and a few other independents is where real news is at.. The unfiltered truth . Great work Keep it up.

  5. This is partially accurate but ultimately not helpful as Saagar comes across as low key homophobic and clearly thinks most gay men are into casual sex (a stereotype that's not backed up by data). The analogy to sickle cell or Tay-Sachs is not apropos since it's not as if gay men have some genetic susceptibility to monkeypox. Another error: as with herpes, condoms don't protect against monkeypox. Saying "monkeypox is spreading amongst gay men" is both accurate and misleading, as it suggests all gay men are equally at risk. The devil's in the details: a useful public health advisory would be that monkeypox is spreading almost exclusively amongst the small subset of gay men who have multiple casual sex partners.

  6. These are the se exact liberal wokefiends that clutch their pearls when you explain why trans women shouldn't be allowed to participate with cis women, especially in combat sports.

  7. Not sure what you are talking about, but maybe you should go online and do some simple research. The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District has been reporting on the number of cases (13 cases as of July 28, 2022 out of a population of 1.4 million) and how it's transmitted by intimate skin contact with an infected person, including by sexually intimate contact. They even described the sores in the genital, groin, and anal area of the body and that people should avoid going to bathhouses. READ THEIR WEBSITE. How much more do you want them to spell out? For goodness sake, even Wikipedia (2022 monkeypox outbreak) reports that 98% is primarily between men who have sex with men. I'm liberal to moderate on the political scale and fairly anti-woke. But, let's avoid the conspiracy theories. I thought your show was a little above that. But, apparently not!

  8. 3000 cases. That's it. 0.000009% of the US Population
    This is absolutely ridiculous that it's even a discussion being had.

    Gay Men (and the other 3% of cases who are not gay men):
    Stop having casual unprotected sex with strangers.
    Boom. Problem solved. There's way more out there than monkeypox this behavior will protect from, as well. I'm not even telling you that you have to stop being a gross, disgusting man-ho. If you meet some stranger that you want to have sex with, both go get tested first. Can you seriously not keep your junk to yourself for the couple of days it takes to get results???

    This is just… Society is becoming insane. Where has all sense of personal responsibility gone? Our dumpster fire of a liberal administration is treating this like a serious issue, when it's not an issue at all — just STOP f*ing strangers without STD tests!!!

  9. It's fascinating and sad that the right wing has turned the words woke/being awake and social justice into bad things. I think being woke and acknowledging how monkeypox is transmitted are both good things.

  10. I agree with Saagar on this one. The media and officials are doing backflips to avoid calling this primarily a gay problem.
    (And frankly, maybe there's something to be said about the gay community, if their promiscuous behavior does lead to widespread diseases and still they feel no need to curtail it…)

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