Saagar Enjeti: MSM ATTACKS Independent Journalists For BEATING Them As Trump Era Boom Wanes

Saagar Enjeti reacts to ex-NYT reporter, Donald McNeil’s, comments on his departure from the paper following the Peru/ N-Word controversy.

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  1. To start with the word ‘news’ should not be applied. They are propaganda networks for globalists elites who fork out the money, anyone of these so called news networks would betray their country to the highest bidder.

  2. I used to think NYT had some integrity but now i know better – they have become a leftist propaganda arm of the marxists trying to destroy America – well, at least pretty close

  3. I watch MSM like I watch TMZ. I laugh and call everyone on TV a loser. It's partially entertaining and partially infuriating. 50/50

  4. You sound a bit butt hurt, Saagar, that N. Hanna Jones wrote a good piece about the history of race in this country. It’s odd to me how much you bring it up.

  5. Exactly, if we can't even trust the journalists to tell domestic stories that happened around us or associated with us fairly, how much you think we can trust the journalists to tell international stories fairly? And you wonder why the rest of the world HATE us and consider us ignorant.

  6. Saagar is Tucker Jr, THE HILL is BIAS because it is Owned By Republican and Trump and Giuliani Decades Long Friend "Jimmy Finkelstein" Please Fact Check Yourself, They Split Democrat Votes, They are successful, If you can not see this Bias in how they end almost every episode with a left wing disparage

  7. There are no "Neutral" media outlets. Every one of them has their own agenda, and will twist things around a little, or a lot in some cases, to fit that agenda. No news outlet is immune to this fact, not even The Hill.

  8. That’s not what McNeill was saying in his comments stupid. When he was saying he he couldn’t trust journalists he was saying that they could take a comment and use it to make an entire headline

  9. Vigorous Press = Biased Corporate Think. Journalism is over-hyped. Much more important is Freedom of Speech for all people. Journalists have monied interests defending them. We, the public, have squat. Assange, Snowden, et al?

  10. In my experience the "independent media" only reports on three things.
    60%‐ what the news is reporting
    30%‐ what to think or "feel" about what the news is reporting
    10%‐ what's on Twitter
    Without the "Corporate media" independent news would have no content.

  11. I mean if you want to talk about spoon feeding what the audience wants may I introduce you to Fox News, OAN, newsmax and basically every right wing media outlet ever?

  12. If the imperial liberal with "Trump Derangement Syndrome" wants to have their emotions manipulated, they should expose themselves to mainstream media – The NYT or possibly the CIA Washington Post. If someone wants to know what is actually happening in the world, they should start investigating anything but mainstream media; and beware of any outlet that associates itself with Neoliberals, Neocons, the Intelligence Agencies, and War Criminals.
    There are many excellent journalists on Substack; Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi come to mind. And also consider sites like "The Grayzone" and "Moderate Rebels" that attempt to interview those directly involved in the issues, and they always reference their sources. But enjoy them while they last, because the way censorship is going they won't be around for much longer. Eventually, all you will have is whatever the "Ministry of Truth" allows you to see.

  13. Independent press runs rings around MSM. Americans deserve a vigorous, honest and not owned by corporate advertising press, that reports facts only.

  14. you're reading too much ideology into McNeil's jackal comments, he was talking more about getting the biggest story than any slanting towards a specific ideology. Like if he had spoken to a reporter and made a verbal mistake, they'd leap on it and make that the lead to get more clicks.

  15. The main stream media is just a bunch of shills for the democrats. Their constant omissions and lies have caused grave damage to society. If the nyt says that the Yankees won 4-3 I wouldn’t believe them.

  16. Journalists are the enemy of the people and puppets of the state. Just look up project mockingbird. Why anyone would trust anything they say is beyond me.