Saagar Enjeti: New Details REVEAL Fauci, Media Coverup Of Lab Leak Hypothesis

Saagar Enjeti details the “lab leak hypothesis” and how demonstrates the way “the culture war in America corrupts basic facts.”

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  1. This whole pandemic is about taking property and businesses from the little guy. Last real commodity that exists in this World. You will be happier when you own nothing. Put everyone in a pandemic crash economy come in scoop up property own everything. Enjoy the reset!!! COMPUTER SLOW BEING FLAGGED BY BIG TECH!!! VOTE ROBBED IN NEW YORK!

  2. It was something they were working on because you can’t do a gene sequence in a month, and a vaccine in six. Medically impossible. This did not just come out of the blue or from some wet market.

  3. This idiot just said scientists could look at the virus under a microscope and tell it was man-made. You cannot see viruses with a microscope at all. This guy is completely full of it why is this propaganda on my news feed?

  4. Wow, that is some "hypothesis". What's next? Blowing the lid of that spherical Earth theory? Maybe a tell all on how the Moon landings were faked? Oh, oh, maybe it's an interview with the man abducted by the aliens that built the lost pyramids of Atlantis as a sacrificial alter for Democrats to offer up orphaned puppies to Satan. Yeah…. that's it, I knew those Mexicans crossing the border were up to no good… oh wait, wrong xenophobia, but right channel, no?

  5. I seem to remember these two with the Hill last year calling thus conspiracy theory. Nice to see them correct the record. But, would be nice to see them admit they were too chicken to say it a year ago. This is all old news.

  6. Gain of function means giving a virus the ability to infect humans. Thus the virus cannot otherwise infect human on it's own. This is not research this is the development of " Bioweapons to be used in Biological Warfare "

  7. It's a fact the virus was in Western Europe in late autumn of 2019. No question it first exploded in Wuhan, China. Anyone who has been to those Chinese mega cities can easily understand how that would happen. No evidence at all it started in China.

  8. I remember last year around April when I commented that this was a man made virus and everyone jumped on the Faucci bandwagon and said I was a conspiracy theorist and crazy. I am crazy but sometimes conspiracy theorist get the facts correct.

  9. ALEX JONES was right ! The rising is now talking about this ? AJ has been saying this for the past year and a half . And what's more even disturbing is what's inside the COVID virus. The entire genome sequence of a dead white boy .Jelly fish DNA and other materials from known diseasess ( aids , cancer ect )

  10. Our enemies are doing exactly what you say we shouldn't. If one of theirs leaks we will be unprepared if we do not understand the viruses.

  11. If our media poisons the elite class…. they ain't leet. Hence why Putin wants to debate Russia misinformation and if love to see it. You put so much importance on yourself, as if you're informing elites hahaha

  12. Really – Fauci lied – just Google his last few months comments – Problem is He is profitting from patents – Thx to the Hill & I am conservative