Saagar Enjeti: New Twitter CEO NUKES Journalism ON HIS FIRST DAY

Saagar breaks down the significance of Twitter for our current media environment now that the new CEO of the company has created rules that could damage journalism in a major way

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  1. Let's be clear. FB, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube couldn't care less about free speech or the best interests of the 'little' people.
    They care about the $$$$. End of discussion.

  2. “As long as JOURNALISTS are already reporting on it “…… Literally ANYONE can be a journalist, given they have eyes and ears and can speak in full sentences.

  3. Spot-on Saagar! We need a new social campaigning platform for election candidate information. A social platform designed for democracy not advertisers. I'd be happy to demo the platform were building anytime you have 20 minutes

  4. Dam Saagar you are hot, great details & analysis… Oh so good now you & Krystal have your own show with independence. Previously that GOP role was just crap & a waste of our energies but now, I enjoy your work & Krystal's -Deep Respect folks. seems we need a SM site made by tech citizens without the biased politicians -one by the people for the people & drowned out the sounds & shit of the corrupt, spinners & wealthy scum that makes one think they are far from human beings.

  5. very funny how liberal arts luck jobs like Saagar wanna pretend that anything involving the "critical thinking" he speaks of is going to be more challenging than the engineering projects Parag has finished. I agree with the crux of the message just not the phony superiority complex. It reeks of the same sort of complex that comes from "engineering types" when they speak lowly of liberal arts majors, as I did earlier in this comment.

  6. On this issue, I side with Twitter. It's a private company that is trying to maximize revenue, and they are going to take the path that offends corporate sponsors and majority of their users the least. The real issue is that the government is not preventing Twitter from maintaining a monopoly through various business tactics.

  7. Seriously. If everyone stops using twitter, no one will care what the news puts on twitter and then the news stops being published on twitter. It’s that simple.

  8. Saagar said it himself. Journalists are on Twitter 24/7. That would go a long way to explaining why America has the worst standard of journalism in the western world. ALL the cable news networks are biased, broadcast lies or at the very least, disinformation, routinely beat the drums for conflict with other countries, and give almost no coverage to events happening outside the US. Like this channel, they identify the demographic that reaps them the most revenue and play to it. Breaking Points might like to portray themselves as an alternative to the MSM, but they really aren't much different. They, I'm sure, analyse which stories generate the most views and play to that narrative. Krystal might like to portray herself as centre left, but she's almost as right wing as Saagar.

    And just like the MSM, they cover almost nothing happening outside the US and when they do their reporting is shoddy. Using Sky News Australia as a source for example, they are a Murdoch owned, opinion based, propaganda outlet. Just like Fox.

    I had hopes for BP, but it's just more of the same.

  9. What the fuck is this opening. You guys have lost the fucking plot. Literally zero meaningful social change has come from twitter. "spawned revolutions"? Sagaar must be smoking some powerful stuff.

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