Saagar Enjeti: Outright Media CORRUPTION Revealed In Preview Of Potential Biden Years

Saagar Enjeti calls out NPR for their reporter’s close relationship with Ruth Bader Ginsberg that NPR revealed after the late SCOTUS justice’s death.

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  1. A vote for Biden is giving your approval to the Swamp and you have no right to ever complain about Washington corruption, deception, or lies again. Trump is certainly not perfect but he's not a part of that system and is against it

  2. Your Topic about the history of media and previous administrations is why it needs to go! One of the reason why the media tries to beat Trump up every single day. He is not a corrupt back scratching DC insider and we are sick and tired of the lying media and gotcha politics. This is why Trump is going to go down as one of the best presidents ever as he drains the swamp.

  3. i would really love to know who these two want to win the election. i realize that they want to restructure all of society, but in reality either biden or trump will be president in a couple months. so i'd love to know which one they think is better.

  4. seat filler just make the case for voting for Trump, love him or hate him he and his team arfe trh anti establishment i you want to get rid of this people yo have to vote for Trump, so in 2024 you'll have a clean candidate

  5. Saagar says "but I don't claim to be objective" 2:18. Both Saagar and Krystal have symbiotic relationships. Krystal with Democrats and Saagar with Republicans and the military/industrial complex. Saagar's specialties are National Security and Counter Terrorism. In 2015 he earned a Certificate in Counter Terrorism from IDC Herzliya in Israel. A primary aim of IDC Herzliya is to train 'future leaders of the State of Israel'.

  6. Why don’t you talk about how Fox News manufactures consent? Oh that’s right coz this show treats both sides equally when it’s obvious one party if far more corrupt or than the other

  7. It used to be a huge no-no for journalists, media figures and whoever else to endorse candidates. Apparently that notion has been destroyed judging from the amount of political hacks in the news who pretend to be journalists. Jeez, no wonder people hate and distrust the media.

    Conservatives always thought there was a liberal bias in the news for years and they were probably right to some extent. However, you never knew Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Ted Koppel or Edward R. Murrow's votes. In other words, they would try to keep it as private as possible but now it is encouraged because of these dopes having ZERO objectivity and ZERO ethics. Now Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have endorse Crackhead Joe. I don't remember Johnny Carson endorsing anybody because he went after EVERYONE equally. The way it should be done.

    I went to school for journalism and media and so I have a lot of expertise in this matter. It is just disgusting there is ZERO critical thinking among the general public to know the difference.

  8. Sometimes it seems u are pro trump. Why do u never cover his corruption. Russian collusion evidence is true. U got it wrong.

    Not sure why u are helping destroy your own country.

    Biden sucks ya. But wow. Ya ok. Guess America is totally fked.

  9. Who funds u guys? Your reporting is ridiculously biased and kinda destroying America. There ain’t no normal. Trump has gutted America and your economy is dead. Get realistic. Biden will not last and things are gonna get bad. It will break down.

  10. Ugh, media prostitution. Reminds me of The Economist’$ most recent absurd propaganda piece against the Mexican President. His bad: exposing, with proof how some journalists & pseudo intellectuals were paid millions by previous ultra corrupt regimes to ignore or cover up transgressions. (p.s. they continue to have the means, platforms & LIBERTY to spin their tales).

  11. Thank you for bringing to light the corruption behind why there are softball questions our media routinely passes off as hard journalism and why lots of people believe there is “fake news” all around us

  12. Yep it is just the way it works completely bought out politicians corrupt as all get out just raking in money to screw over 90% of the American population! Rome needs to burn! It is time to start over, Get the damn dirty bribe money out of our politics now! Imagine a Government that actually represents the will of the people for once?????