Saagar Enjeti: Public Health HYPOCRISY In Monkeypox vs COVID

Saagar examines the hypocrisy of public health officials on Monkeypox guidelines compared to covid rules being caused by woke ideology

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  1. If there's any danger in making the American public homophobic, it lies in the blatant hypocrisy that privileges gay men over the rest of the populace with regard to bodily autonomy and personal responsibility. Imagine the Establishment's reaction if monkeypox was being spread by red state deplorables attending church services. No one can honestly claim the response would have been similar, or even close to it. We're long overdue to acknowledge gay privilege. I predict we won't be having that conversation any time soon, not in an ecosystem where having a "-phobe" flung at you can easily destroy your career and social standing.

  2. The fact they had the bravery to enunciate the information regarding "monkey pox's" epidemiology deserves great respect, also by showing the incoherencies of the public health system which are bureaucratic/political in nature, not empirical /scientific.

  3. I understand the argument here comparing the responses of covid and monkey pox but due to the transmissibility of covid I believe many of the lifestyle changes implement were necessary.

  4. Don’t really fully agree with this take, I do agree that the CDC should release recommendations and advertise that gay men are particularly at risk and while I understand the idea that generally speaking people should be able to assess their own risk, I disagree in the Covid comparisons, because we have vaccines and treatments for monkey pox, which we did not have for Covid when it began and public health measures were the most restrictive. Also generally speaking, monkey pox is much harder to spread than Covid which is another reason public health entities have given monkeypox more leeway than they did Covid

  5. I’m going to disagree on this one. There is a significant difference in transmission.

    Shutting down public gatherings amidst a highly transmissible virus that we initially knew little about and that was demonstrably killing our citizens in large numbers is very different from a contact virus that occurs large during sexual intercourse.

    Perhaps there are arguments that things should have opened back up sooner and that other parts could have been improved, but they seem starkly different to me.

  6. While I agree with Saagars points he is overlooking a HUGE fact… and that is the incubation time for the monkeypox virus, if you get it, you have days and even literally weeks to do something against it. For example take a vaccine which will still have its effect (do you see that Covid Vaccine? Thats what we wanted from you 😂). So let‘s pretend this monkeybox outbreak would affect everyone – the current approach would still be ok based on all the knowledge we have and all the things that make this virus easier to contain. With covid in 2020 we had no clue, incubation time was brief, testing was not accessible and cluster formed quickly.

  7. I respectfully disagree that, "they have to have the goods…". "They" drug a presidency and the entire nation through a 4-year scam about Russian collusion, and ultimately had no goods whatsoever. Who was held accountable for that? Who is in jail for it? The Democrats actually benefited hugely by winning elections while the presidency was under the cloud of fake accusations. Then they protected Joe Biden from the Hunter scandal — when "the goods" were hiding in plain sight. What price did they pay for successfully burying that story (and since then obstructing justice) in order to manipulate a presidential election? Their arrogance is ever escalating as they repeatedly thumb their noses at rule of law or even the concept of truth and veracity, to pursue their leftist political agenda. These people do not have to have any "goods". Not unless or until we start holding them accountable.

  8. My only gripe about this is when covid started didnt anti-asian hate crimes jump up for a while? And when russia invaded people got hysterical about boycotting russian businesses and shit? I get what saager means about treating people equally but based on the last 2 years it seems like the public does need kid gloves at least for some things

  9. The nations children had to lose two years of irreplaceable development and education to prevent everyone else from getting COVID, but gay men can not be asked to quit orgies for a few weeks for a disease with the same fatality rate as COVID.

  10. One crucial difference, while COVID was mostly a serious risk to the elderly and very I'll, Monkeypox (which spreads on surfaces and fabrics) is mostly only dangerous for children.
    If this turns bad we all know who to blame.

  11. I’m sure Republican Gay men are NOT included in this liberal, hypocritical approach. If you say that you are gay and conservative, you’d be told to quarantine in a small closet for 2 years. Democrat? Well they are smarter and don’t need to be told. SMH

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