Saagar Enjeti: Putin RAKES IN OIL PROFITS As Sanctions Backfire

Saagar examines how western wartime sanctions towards Russia have backfired because Putin is raking in oil profits and domestic populations are suffering from rampant inflation

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  1. Well if we were still an exporter, it would have been wicked brilliant. Just happens that Joe always cuts our nose off despite our face. The people in power currently are incompetent

  2. Saagar is really underestimating Ukraine’s military ability and overestimating Russia’s. Russia is clearly facing a manpower crunch, they’re using conscripts and Air Force as ground infantry. Their losses are in all likelihood far worse than Ukrainians. Attackers always have higher losses. Ukraine also isn’t ever going to give up, they’re a pretty big country and with full mobilization have no manpower shortage.

  3. Do you really think that they didn't know what they were doing? I knew this will happen, and so many others did too. So they must have known too… So was/is it intentional? What do you think Saagar?

  4. Tell me you don't know how sanctions work without telling me you don't know how sanctions work. They're not something that give you instant results. A large country like Russia would have reserves of practically everything to be able to withstand sanctions for a little bit. It's the long term future that will hurt them. Europe is starting to phase out Russian oil or will do so in the near future

  5. LMAO there's only one strategy. These, "leaders" only have one job, and that's LIE to the people so you don't realize they elite class is stealing from EVERYONE else. Saag is a ding dong. he's completely in on it. Fascist pooner. POOT TANG.

  6. Incorrect analysis. Longer this goes on and Ukraine holds out the better it is for global stability longer term. It's a case study for other territorially paranoid nations and we need them to think twice before invading.

  7. For maybe the first time in history, the American sanctions regime hits home.

    As to the Ukrainian war, Russia is now clearly winning. That outcome was clear to many of us the moment it began.

    The American foreign policy BLOB is a ship of fools.

  8. Why is the US prolonging the war that is plunging western countries into an energy crisis? The US just gave $41 billion to Ukraine without any condition to hold peace talks with Russia. Colin Kahl, the under secretary of defense for policy, said, “We’re not going to tell the Ukrainians how to negotiate, what to negotiate and when to negotiate.” 1. US weapon sales go up. 2. US LNG exports go up. 3. Europe is now fulfilling their funding responsibility to NATO 4. Europe has now become more dependent on the US than on Russia. Sure Europeans may experience more blackouts this coming winter. But hey, China and India will still continue to be able to buy cheap gas from Russia! Sometimes you have to wonder who is punishing who in these western sanctions!

  9. You forgot the number one goal, which is why we refused all offramps to prevent this war in the first place, and in fact, goaded it on: regime change to get a more Yeltsin-like puppet who will give unfettered access to Russia's vast resources to our multinational corporate conglomerates.

    As President Obrador of Mexico described the US strategy and policy with Ukraine: "We'll supply the weapons, you supply the blood."

  10. It amazes me that you buy the American Military Industrial Complex raison d'etre for all this sh*t being put into play.
    Your beginning premise is hopelessly flawed.
    The sooner America is crippled, the safer the world will be.

  11. So, are you telling me that we live in a world in which we have a complex global supply chain network, 100+ countries with their own agendas/needs, Asian economies rivaling the west, and are witnessing a declining empire?…shut the front door! It's as if Russia is selling the same product at a higher price while curtailing on its supply. Also, isn't Putin's approval rating on an all time high? One would of thought that sanctioning a prideful country that has a long history of surviving famine, word wars, invasions, multitude o authoritarian regimes, Siberia etc… would put those softies in their place.

  12. DemoRinos Spent 6yrs Building Up There Corporate Induced FALSE Sense Of TV Courage & Confidence Demonizing Putin Asking For A War < Careful Wishing For War IVY LEAGUE EDUCATED War Will Show Up Silly Mouths🎓

  13. With no Western infrastructure companies working in Russia, Russia can only profit from oil for so long. This means trouble to with Russia very shortly.

  14. We should have leaders like that in the west. Who can not only manage their country with success but even decide others countries leaders and puppeteer their elite. All while fighting several cancers, debilitating surgeries, lack of eye sight, madness, beeing a unwated father , etc etc

  15. I was going say it took you a while to catch up on the effects of these sanctions but if you were saying this from the beginning then kudos to you. 3:45 as for 'leaders' being 'too dumb' or 'lying' to all of us, it is all of the above along with their arrogance and now they're caught in a political nightmare that guess who ends up paying for? Heads should be rolling (metaphorically) of all 'officials' who signed off on this course action, American, European and UK, all of them

  16. 4:15 that's not quite true, it appears that reality of the situation is that an integral component of the pipeline was sent to Canada for repair and Canada refuses to release it, because of, you know' sanctions.

  17. European sanctions make sense because Russia has a history with closing the gas pipes for political reasons. When US talked about installing nuclear missile umbrellas in eastern Europe, Russia closed the gas pipes and let the poor eastern european countries shiver for the next winter. That stunt taught these countries a very valuable lesson about trusting russians so now these current sanctions ironically hurt complacent western Europe more than it does the nordics or most countries bordering Russia.

    So over-reliance on Russia on energy overall is a bad idea because Russia is inherently unreliable when it comes to trade. The real screw-up here was Germany over-relying on russian energy to begin with and US closing down its own oil production so now you're caught with your pants down when pandemics and wars cripple the global trade. The sanctions are not the problem, trusting Russia has been the problem for many years.

  18. I guess we can blame Trump for Biden, and we may be able to blame Biden for Trump in a couple of years. I’d like to see both of them go away to a golf course or nursing home and stay there.

  19. Look at the banks of the Siverskyi-Donets river. Notice the forests? At night, small groups of Russian soldiers are making the crossing. Soon, the crossing of large numbers will be possible. Yes, they have failed, but they are not far from succeeding. Lysychansk is no place for a smart Ukrainian soldier. Summer, the river is getting lower every day. Mainstream media is blowing smoke up your skirt.

  20. Beginnig August 1st gas that is needed for most german households is getting 30% more expensive. We already have the highest energy prices in the whole world and now this. Plus the high inflation on food. This is going to be a train reck.

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