Saagar Enjeti REVEALS Pentagon Plot To Manufacture Consent For NEVER Leaving Afghanistan

Saagar Enjeti discusses where President Biden stands on his campaign promise to end the war in Afghanistan.

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  1. Not sure when exactly Biden ever really fought against the forever wars, he has been undeniably wrong on foreign policy since at least Iraq even his democrat colleagues admit that, well up until Tulsi nuked Heels Up Harris out of the Big P race, then all of the sudden he became a master strategist.?

  2. governments needs a massive standing army to oppress the people. The founders father's knew this. Disbanding the standing army and making sure the state dues not did arm the people is the best way to insure our freedom.

  3. If our American soldiers are gonna be kept in a foreign country, then give them land live in and property to build homes. Why not start Americanizing land over there.

  4. Many great points, but fundamentally inaccurate. Generals at the Pentagon don't decide when and if to leave Afghanistan, the President (Commander in Chief) does. The culture and human rights issues now are the same as when Trump was in office. Trump said to draw down troops, Biden says wait. Don't be confused, this messaging is plainly to support a president in bed with corporate America and the defense industrial base. The war will continue, because many will continue to get rich off of it.

  5. The more others see the hypocrisy of policy-makers to champion women's rights in general and not make a declaration and a political stand on rights of women trampled on everyday in the US in particular, the better.

  6. But if we don't keep SOME troops there, we won't have any excuses for more bombings. What is a heavily invested weapons manufacturer to do? President Trump's efforts to bring home troops resulted in Congress including special rules to prevent presidents from doing so.

  7. Afghanisthan is a country which is thousands of year history. Old civilization than usa. If there is no right of women in kabul that would be country of without women. Pentagon never tell truth. Women rights is internal matter. It excercises under understanding of men and women in a family, in a society. It seems as they said, only afghanisthan women has no right but the indian, chinese ,african even european and american women has every right, there is no problem in their country.did afghan women ask usa to fight for them if afghan women want any right, that would be from their afghan men not from american soldiers. American should be more vocal for the sake of their country. Their country has been hijacked not only there but almost whole world has been hijacked by mafias a vested group of people comvined with bankar, politicians, tycoons. They are sucking the whole world.

  8. Thank you for covering this. Your recap of the media coverage leading to it is on point. Also please take a look at who congress listens to when they have hearings. They never invite speakers who will give them the other side of the equation… what are the reasons for getting out. They invite war mongers who sit on the boards of war manufacturers as the "expert testimony". Keep pushing.

  9. This was a really important piece. I also got into politics because of this war. It has been raging most of my life, and it is heartbreaking that people in my high school class who were sent to iraq and afghanistan now have children preparing to go to the same battleground.

  10. They are waiting for the Taliban to attack after we aren't out by the May 1 deadline.. That will give them the reason to stay, "cuz they attacked us"

  11. It's a challenge to make believe Trump had little to do with getting a vaccine out in record time…and it's also tough, to make believe Trump had nothing to do with setting up the May 1st withdrawal from Afghanistan. But I'm sure the media will do their best…as will soon-to-be President Harris will…as well.

  12. I was in Afghanistan in 2001 with the 26th MEU, I was there again in 2005, 2009, then as a civilian in 2010, 12, 15. We are wasting our time there, I personally know contractors (husband and wife teams) that spent 10 years working in Afghanistan and came home millionaires.

  13. Saagar Enjeti: UK Gov. controls UK press. Happens in UK not US. (Piers Morgan EXIT Is Why We MUST DEFEND Against MSM Censorship)
    Also Saagar Enjeti: How US Gov. controls US press (REVEALS Pentagon Plot To Manufacture Consent For NEVER Leaving Afghanistan)

  14. You may not be aware of it but the Afghan population is mixed west Asian/ European. For example, R1A1A genetic group is Anglo Saxon, with other variations like R1A1B, R1B, etc.

  15. Everything is such horse shit. I'm an extreme optimist but I can muster nothing but cynicism when it comes to our government. As blatantly corrupt as they show, I can only imagine how much worse it truly is.

  16. Perhaps the war should be fought the same on both sides. Resist and die. We try to fight a poliitcally correct war while the taliban kills everybody they can.