Saagar Enjeti: TikTok CAUGHT In China Lies, Ban It NOW

Saagar makes the case for banning social media giant TikTok after the company and its lobbyists were caught lying about China’s access to US data through their Chinese parent company

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  1. Apple is in bed with the Government
    You know that edward snowden exposed that years ago, why mention the apple headline saagar if you know the FBI and other government agencies have access to our phones

  2. This is why India banned TikTok. It is all controlled by the CCP and it will be used against Americans or anyone that the CCP hates. The Governments from the West should ban TikTok and not care as their exports such as IG or FB or Twitter is banned in China anyways.

  3. Oh no!… we caught bad people aiding and abetting our geopolitical enemies. And.. we do nothing. They should be executed but instead we are cucks. Merica yeah!

  4. While I’ve commented on your Ukraine takes, which have been months behind any actual real information, tainted by MSM obfuscation, this seemed right on. Not to mention inflation but I wouldn’t wanna pile on😉

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