Saagar Enjeti: Tim Cook CAUGHT Capitulating To China In Secret Deal

Saagar outlines how Apple CEO Tim Cook sold out the principles he and his company apparently stood for to China in a secret deal in exchange for massive profits in the Chinese market

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  1. Wait Saagar, this is what I hate about you new age 'journalists', no integrity and full of hypocrisy. Do you believe in free trade or protectionism, do you believe in multinational corporations or some sort of regulated economy. At least try to show you are not just following the trends.

  2. In addendum , I love how woke people don't like Hong Kong but conveniently don't know the history of the city and how it was stolen for a hundred years at the tip of a barrel by the British.

  3. Apple was always a sell out. The Apple sheep's aren't good enough for Apple they see a massive population in China and they have bend over for China. But this uyghurs genocides? Can we get more information? Kim iversen did an expose on this and I will reference her investigation into this. Because there's more to this uyghurs issue.

  4. Apple learns that the US is not the only country that is willing to bend large successful companies over the barrel. Maybe they thought that China wouldn't use regulations and courts to destroy them, or else.

  5. I'm an Apple fan boy myself, but maybe all of us Apple sheep should buy Pixel phones and install CalyxOS. Google pulled out of China if I'm not wrong and CalyxOS is very privacy focused.

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