Saagar Enjeti: Twitter’s MONSTROUSLY STUPID decision to “Fact Check” Trump tweets

Saagar Enjeti discusses the outrage from the mainstream media towards Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over failure to censor Trump’s tweets about Joe Scarborough.

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  1. You can send a rocket into space, send a missile thousands of miles, to it's target but you can't feed house medicaid supply ppe or civil rights to a majority of your citizens. What a fantastic country you got goin there yeah and ontop of that you elect the dumbest most incompetent male to el presidente. Twittergate,obamagate, bleachgate, bidengate, mediagate ohhhh the whole world is picking on bonespur donny

  2. The country is being red pilled, the more the liberal left lose there shit the more that TDS is real.
    Trump will win 50+ States come Nov 2020.
    Keep America Great ??????

  3. These platforms need to be brought under the constraints of the first amendment and all the censorship needs to stop.

    YouTube and Twitter are communication system no different than AT&T or FedEx

  4. voting system sucks and hopeful presidents only use minorities as pawns for false promises.
    a private company can do what it likes, just like presidential candidates take money from private companies and promise them policy in return.

  5. Strongly Agree. I’m smart enough to check facts on my own. I love reading about Trump’s moronic Twitter meltdowns. I know it’s raising his blood pressure and that’s a good thing! Our obese idiot president is one meltdown or Big Mac away from a massive heart attack or an aneurism. Hope springs eternal. I don’t have a Twitter account. The AP usually reports on his latest Twit Tantrums. I find them more humor worthy than newsworthy.

  6. Thankfully Twitter is finally fact-checking the biggest liar on earth let alone on Twitter. Let's see, 1) as far as I know it is their platform for which they make the rules and users agree to when they register, and 2) the First Amendment, which Republicans are loathe to follow or to reference that protects all forms of free speech. Now, I agree with Saagar that the First Amendment needs to modified to exclude lies. Had the First Amendment not protected lies, the president would have been corrected back in January and February and March about his false statements about the corona virus, and most of the more than 100,000 Americans who have already died within just 3.5 months, thanks to Trump, would be alive.

  7. YouTube has hidden videos of Biden inaporstley touching little kids form youtubes search bar. I’m not a republican but I’m voting red just to spite the media and dnc

  8. Twitter should give the people the power to turn off comments. Imagine if you could turn off comments for Trump lol. People would cry because they can't vent.

  9. Trump’s campaign strategy: blame everyone else for what has happened (blame China, blame WHO, blame Obama, blame the governors, blame the protestors, etc.), lie through his nose, name-calling his opposition, divide the nation (pitting the White against the Black, pitting protestors against the police, etc.), get the White supremacists’ votes, and if all failed, call the election a fraud.

  10. Im confused by this news station…is the women Democrat and the guy republican and they cover both sides? With the way media is nowadays you almost always expect a station to lean heavy to one side… where do these guys stand?

  11. I love how Saagar lists all the current crazy problems in our country and then make fun of the media for calling out Trump. Not Trump, mind you, for focusing on a non story / conspiracy theory … but the Media for calling him out. Saagar is just ridiculous.

  12. Here is the situation from what I can see. If you remove Twitters 230 protection and designate ANTIFA as a terror organization guess who is culpable in promoting domestic terror groups? That's how they smash twitter and any other social media and either shut it down or start making arrests or make them state controlled in some way to make it a neutral platform again.

  13. Im usually on board with you guys but not on this. I think they decided to fact check him not because it was some lie he made about someone but of something related to voting. If people see the president of the US saying mail in ballots are fraud then people wont vote. This doesnt come down to someones reputation or some silly conspiracy, but of a national matter that dictates our democracy.

  14. Saagar, how are you going to out do yourself? I think it’s time to start your book series – your analysis quality needs more volume to absorb its breath, depth, and quality. Seriously.