Saagar Enjeti: US Faces Heating Bill ‘ARMAGEDDON’ As Biden Does NOTHING

Saagar breaks down the coming heating prices surge that will hit Americans this winter, especially those in rural areas, as the Biden administration allows it to unfold and does nothing

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  1. I am confused. I receive royalties for two gas wells, and have not received any royalty payments for two years. If there is a natural gas shortage, why aren't they using any of the gas from my gas well

  2. Stop saying covid caused this . This was caused by the sheer stupidity of shutting down the entire global economy. And of course, the usual greedy asses are taking advantage. These two were all for the lockdown.

  3. This is anti-capitalism government control. First he wants the government to manipulate the price of fuel. You know what happens when the price of fuel goes up? It becomes more profitable for producers who increase production. Other would-be producers are encouraged to join in to get a piece of the now bigger pie. This results in more product coming to market and eventually lowering prices. If Saagar's suggestion is undertaken, then that won't happen. Once the reserves are exhausted, then we're right back to square one.

    Another thing is government control over who you can sell to and who can buy shit. The cry of "socialism" is almost as over and inaccurately used as "racism", but in this video Saagar is about as close to socialism as you can get without nationalizing the entire industry.

  4. This is the effect the administration wants. It’s not incompetence. About 6 months to a year ago there were leaked audio from some state saying they would have to make heating so expensive to decrease its use for climate change targets that they intentionally would be freezing senior citizens on fixed incomes.

  5. They will wait till the last minute after creating a crisis, to provide a solution. This is the Democrat M.O. Never waste a crisis. If there is not one, create it. Heros syndrome. Manipulation.

  6. Biden is going to be remembered as a later day version of President Herbert Hoover- never as FDR! Biden does not care, no empathy for anyone, but himself! Biden is MIA! “Nothing will fundamentally change, and possibly get only worse!”

  7. How about reversing their energy policies so we can produce more? They don't care! Climate change is their stance. No matter the cost to individual households.

  8. First point. We have an outdated housing stock that needs upgrading. All new homes and buildings should be super insulated net zero ready. Just add solar, makes its own power.
    US gas companies sell natural gas to other markets. That is capitalism. To control those exports so as to prevent the American companies from making sales and control the price for the benefit of the American people is socialism. How do y'all want to live? The battle of corporate interests over national and public interests. Mmm.

  9. This needs to wake people up cuz they have not been literate on politics for my entire life… they were always comfortable with party politics while the politicians sold them out.

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