Saagar Enjeti: Wall Street, Big Businesses Go ALL IN For Biden, Democratic Party

Saagar Enjeti reacts to the latest reports surrounding the Chamber of Commerce and how this impacts Republican politics.

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  1. I'm not defending Biden, but have you considered that they just want to ensure ANY future and avoid a Fascist dictator? I think this says WAY more about Trump than it does Biden.

  2. Maybe the chamber of commerce understand, finally, that a strong middle class is the ONLY way an economy based on consumerism will survive. Is it really rational to demonize Democrats for the pivot of the COC

  3. Zero reason to vote for democrats KommieLa Biden unless you want America to go down the tubes and becomes a one party banana republic third world shithole.

  4. No matter what Trump gives elite republicans they will only bend the knee “for now” not “forever”. Trump is not a man they follow he’s a man they use to get what they want then kick. The problem is Trump still believes he’s boss and all these big shots give him reverence when really they can’t stand having to be second fiddle to a moron.
    I also support China tariffs and a change on how we do business with China, Trump has admitted that his China policy was a Bernie Sanders belief in the 90’s.

  5. This is all about Trump. The CoC has been backing some Dems for years and they're obviously going to continue backing the GOP as well. That's what corporate lobbying groups do, Saagar…buy whoever has power, regardless of party. It's all about Trump's unpredictability. They want stability and that means no tarifs.

  6. This is much less complicated. Trump and the Republicans have messed things up so much that even big business realizes they're bedder off with Democrats. Saagar is spinning so much on this. He's lost his mind.

  7. Saagar is so easily blinded by his wishes of what Trump is. The Chamber still prefers the GOP, they just want to get rid of Trump for stability, because he's a chaos agent. How many times hasn't he said it himself? Wall St. and businesses LOVE stability and being able to predict the market. Yes they want to crush workers and care more about the stock market than the economy, but when all the Wall St.-predictions are telling you Trump's crashing the economy they'll listen. Trump gone = Chamber vote GOP.