Saagar Enjeti: Wall Street Elites DESTROYED, Beaten By Redditors At Their Own RIGGED Game

Saagar Enjeti discusses the latest Wall Street drama with Reddit users.

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  1. Think about it… these guys on reddit are a bunch of gamers … the industry has gamified the trading of stocks and the the stock in particular is Gamestop stocks. Gamers by their very nature figure out ways to overcome games .. so basically what they did was look at a gamified stock strategy being used to destroy something they like (Gamestop) and overcame the game being played.

    Its not a good idea to piss off gamers , they are a resourceful bunch , they will figure it out and if motivated can ruin your day.

  2. I LIKE Saagar's comment at the end about the people realizing it's all a game. It's time we the people stop getting played! 2021 and on should be remembered as the year of PEOPLE POWER. We have more power than just the buying power we can decide the market at ALL LEVELS…we outnumber the elites.
    it's just that simple.

  3. NGL, I never liked wallstreet bets but they actually done some good with screwing around with Gamestop stocks. Never thought I'd ever praise Wallstreet Bets redditors!

  4. Why I stopped watching those financial news channels. You are lead to believe that you, as the little guy, are being given a front row seat to richs when in fact you're the chump, dumb money off whom they earn their speculative profits.

  5. The shortsellers are not the enermy of the people. We need the short sellers to keep a healthy market. The idiot short sellers who continue to short a stock with a short float of 140% and is trading under $10 a share are just idiots.