Saagar Enjeti: Why EVERYONE Hates Biden’s Economy And How To Fix It

Saagar dives into the numbers on how America feels about the economy under Joe Biden and how a change in mindset can make economic policy work better for Americans across the board

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  1. Wage increases to a business are nothing more than an increased cost. Increased costs are compensated for by increases in prices for products. This is really simple stuff. Add in checks going out to folks for doing nothing and the national bank printing money like it is going out of style and you get what we have now. Inflation. This is not really all that complicated, though I realize it is tough to sort of back of the position you have been supporting for a couple of years now.

  2. I'm a democrat and I don't feel very good about the economy, prices are too damm high not just food and gas its impossible for a young person to find affordable decent housing. Big businesses shut small businesses out of large sectors of the economy. On Monday my boss gave us the stay home if you have the sniffles speech, the problem with that is the company doesn't give me any sick pay, this years income is about 1/4 less than last years income because of so much down time between construction projects and the cost of everything is skyrocketing you really think I'm going to lose more pay? No I'm going to try and hide they symptoms and only stay home if I'm seriously ill. My mom is only allowed to take 1 day off this year even though she has 3 weeks of vacation saved up. Businesses are getting away with murder in this corrupt economy.

  3. Now more than ever the working class just unite. There is a war raging against our class the majority of the people and we don't even know that we're in one. If you're going to resign cool resign but then go build a local business or apply to one. Take back the communities the unity fuck this hyper individualism mentality capitalism has boxed us in.

  4. That's easy, just separate the rules and the tax rules and define business as either Small, Medium, Large and Corporate business.
    This would also mean that you need to track so big corporations cannot open up "small" businesses from a parent company in order to get in a better bracket.

    And we need to stop using the term businesses, we need to name them specifically what they are.
    Corporate business is not the same as small business but when we talk about taxing businesses all the small business folks thinks it's them that we are talking about and we lose them from standing on our side.

  5. Well said, Saagar. Why try to make big changes happen at the national level, when megacorporations & other large groups have politicians in their pockets? Concentrate on the state & local level. Give the workers & small business owners what they need to have a sustainable lifestyle, & compete with the bigger companies.

  6. I kind of disagree with Saagar that we should give tax money to help prop up small business. We should give for neither. The uber rich have plenty of money on their own, and those working for them need protection yes. But it's just waste of resources to spend tax money for people who just want to play entrepreneur. Small business are a 20th century concept and we should let it disappear then. Especially majority of middle men kind. If an artist wants to sell their creations on Etsy, then a UBI is sufficient to help em. But if some dude just wants to buy Pepsi from Pepsi and then sell it to me for a profit. Then I don't think he should be protected or financially supported for that.

  7. I have more friends who disagree with me than friends who do agree. Because we don't agree on many things if we listen to each other we can often solve problems together that neither of us are able to solve alone.

  8. I've concluded that nobody associated with either party really wants to fix anything. All the other one does is posture itself to appear better than the other, but doesn't really do anything about any problem. I'm not sure I'll ever vote again. It doesn't seem to do anything. One side is out to sabotage the other and Congress doesn't hold itself accountable. All they do is blame the other side. And it's gross watching what they get away with, all of them on both sides. All the colluding and bribery that gets hidden behind the social issues they keep stirring up. They try to put common people against each other so they can keep laughing on their way to the bank. Trump didn't do much, but did more than Biden. But in the end, it doesn't matter who the president is. Congress never changes and they're the most inept group of rich dumb shits you could ever find. If you want term limits, stop re-electing the ship of fools. There's your term limit. Stop re-electing people.

  9. The problem isn't just workers wanting higher wages. Its corporations trying to wait out those demands and choosing to run short staffed to keep costs and thus prices down. Giant corporations can afford to play chicken with the labor market, but small business can't. So small business is forced to either raise pay/prices and then get priced out and lose business to corporate competition OR go extremely short staffed and fail to meet demand and lose business that way instead.

    And I think the Corpos know this is what's happening, and they love it. They get to keep their low cost labor and kill their competition too! A win win!

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