Saagar Enjeti: Will Natural Gas CRISIS COLLAPSE Global Economy?

Saagar details the crisis in the global natural gas markets due to Europe cutting off Russian supply that could lead to blackouts and sky high energy prices

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  1. This is not globalization this is progressive democrats and liberals shutting down gas prigas production in the United States b** while the rest of the world goes on The US has a massive amount of natural gas in the ground and your boy's vitamin has shut it all off Why don't you preach to impeach Biden so we can get out of this mess I know that doesn't fit your agenda

  2. This globalization nonsense is just another reminder that there is no free lunch….EVERYTHING has a cost and a tradeoff. Corporations are quick to take advantage of "lower costs" but that generally (always?) comes out of the hide of the consumer at some point along the chain. Yet, we continue to prop up the system by purchasing goods from mega-corporations that in turn get all their crap from a country that wants to see us obliterated…..only in 'merica…..

  3. the biden administration is a total disaster. Still not as bad as the bush years but its very bad. The sanctions were a huge mistake smh all this economic pain over ukraine jfc what a joke

  4. I have an e-bike, electric car, regular bike, solar panel system on my roof, and a motorcycle that runs on dinosaur bones just in case, so yeah…I'm not too worried.

    Also, I didn't create a bunch of other humans to fill up the planet like a lot of you did lol.

  5. Everyone getting involved in Ukraine was a huge damn mistake. In the US, natural gas has been dirt cheap for a long time because of over production. Weirdly enough, the price of wind energy is based on the price of natural gas. Natural gas was so cheap that T. Boone Pickens had to pull back promised money to OSU because of his heavy investments in wind. Special ships were built to export US LNG. We need to stop worrying about the global problems and start worrying about the homeland. We would have cheap gas, cheap oil, cheap food, and a great quality of life If gov’t would get the eff out of the way!

  6. The explosion in human population over the last 120 years was supported by fertilizer. Most of the fertilizer is made using natural gas. Roughly 40% of the world's population is alive only because of that fertilizer. This crisis has the potential to get a lot worse.

  7. Maybe like we should change or something. Maybe like we should move towards sustainability and revitalization through reimagining our development and public spaces. Maybe like…maybe like invest in like things…yeah…no…maybe??? Right. No what we should do is just continue on like it's the 1980's. Makes perfect sense.

  8. I remember the Russian President saying on the 3rd of march that those sanctions against them would smash the world economy, and those were short sighted.
    I live in Europe, and I know this winter will be exceptionally cold. Why every time those pesky Russians go to war, it's very cold.

  9. The danger of globalism and dependency: supply can stop abruptly. A byproduct of human waste is methane, a large part of natural gas. So we could heat our homes with human farts. But I live down South now, so I can camp without power, heat or air year round and survive. Just need shade and a little breeze. I would sweat off these extra pounds too.

  10. Gee, aren’t sanctions a wonderful idea. Make sure you send a thank you note to the White House. This isn’t Putin’s sanctions. They are Biden’s sanctions and one incredibly stupid idea.
    Anyone starting to think that arming those nazis in Ukraine was a really really great strategic move.

  11. The Germans literally laughed in 45's face when he warned them about their reliance on Russian oil. Literally…laughed. I wonder if they are laughing now?

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