Saagar Enjeti: World Economic Forum’s DANGEROUS WAR On Free Speech

Saagar takes viewers through the agenda of the 2022 World Economic Forum held in Davos that made speech restriction and controls on free speech central to the agenda for the world to see

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  1. This is such bullshit. It's the same nonsense you guys in the US spin on your right to bare arms. So many countries in Europe have such better lifes than the US, I've lived and worked in both and I rank the US the worst. Kids don't get gunned down at school every other week in Europe and that is all the argument needed to prove how toxic the US way of life is.

  2. The good thing is I don’t think many people on either side feel good about giving the government authority on speech.

    However, they are slipping it in little by little. We will wake up in a few years wondering what the hell happened

  3. QAnon and WEF conspiracy is just a way to get you on the defensive. Manufactured. Do real people believe it, sure. No one with any sanity though, and legitimate questions are chalked up to the same craziness.

    The conspiracy theory benefits the Elites. So I think they make them up to deflect.

  4. The world economic forum is trying to become a consolidated power source of influence and they will govern the planet while the rest of humanity is their pseudo-slave labor. These are not just things that can occur in science fiction. People with money and power will use it to enslave those without them.

  5. It’s amazing how Saagar manages to disparage “conspiracy theorists” who have ABSOLUTELY gotten all of this correct from the BEGINNING. He’s so white bread and there is so much better coverage of these subjects. I’m grateful he’s covering this but it still won’t get at what this REALLY is: a controlled demolition. Case closed. Wake up.

  6. The fact that people have the ability to share information in real time is the reason why we're not year three into a full blown COVID agenda and why these elites want to police the internet so badly. Thier medical tyranny, climate friendly, surveillance state dystopia cannot thrive in the face of based memes.

  7. It allows them to be more corrupt without any accountability at all cause the elites will always be believed over anyone considered lesser than them. This is horrible and should never be implemented here is the US. Our freedom of speech is our First Amendment for a reason and why it is also one of the Bill of Right. The government now acts like they allow us to have freedom of speech and other rest of the bill of rights but in reality all 10 of the Bill of Rights are right given to us not by government or anyone else in power but by whatever creator we believe in and worship. They aren’t given to us we are born with them and only when the government implements certain things can they even be put on hold but never taken away. We have to stand for this always and never let them take an inch cause as we know and have seen they never ever just take an inch. They always take way more and tell us it’s for security which is an illusion.

  8. Americans: think they’re the freest people since the invention of freedom, but aren’t even free to send their kids to school and be reasonably confident that they’ll come home safe and sound

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