Saagar Enjeti: Youtube PUNISHES Breaking Points For Covering Chinese Tennis Star Rape Accusation

Saagar covers how YouTube punished Breaking Points for covering the rape accusation and disappearance of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai and the perverse incentives this creates

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Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Be sure to mirror your content on other platforms like Odysee to expand your reach and revenue streams, and to safeguard your content from disappearing altogether when YouTube finally decides to take off the mask and go full CCP censorship/social credit system mode.

  2. Meanwhile: "For many years Rachel Maddow's annual MSNBC salary was $7 million. In August 2021 she signed a new contract with MSNBC that reportedly upped her salary to $30 million per year. The 2021 contract will keep Maddow with MSNBC through the 2024 Presidential election."

  3. Sagar is terrible. They are so fast in making strong accusations when it comes to China.
    She already appeared in a video call with Olympics chief saying she's fine.
    How deranged and anti china you gotta be to still have these strong takes on the case. Not even entertain a doubt.

  4. Perhaps it's time we have another broadcasting source besides YouTube, this has gotten ridicules, so many content creators are being demonetized over the smallest thing, can't say this or that.

  5. I put an independent movie up on YouTube. Nothing too shocking about it's contents. It was a new channel. Money spent on professional promos etc. They shut down the whole channel because in the movie a girl under eighteen was in a 'bedroom' crying. You can't have a girl under 18 in a bedroom PERIOD. Who knew. YouTube, should be refered to as BigBrotherTube. WE NEED AN ALTERNATIVE.

  6. Thanks Saagar for this extraordinarily important message. We're all migrating over to Odysee for genuinely "free" content and subscription services for the in-depth coverage. Good bye YouTube, you lose!

  7. I dunno. You used the words R@pe. Other news channels I watch blur out the word if they show an article or don't mention it in the headline and they kinda mute out the word when they say it (the audience knows or should know what you are talking about) to not risk demonetization.

    Do I believe YouTube censors on behalf of China? Yes, but in this particular case, not really. I think it's more of a cost analysis for YouTube. Do they risk losing millions of dollars worth of advertising to allow a few people on YouTube to talk about rape crimes?

    Youtube can't please everyone nor can they accommodate everyone, the best thing you can do is do what you're doing. A subscription model.

  8. We love both of your honesty that’s why we followed you to your own channel I’m sure Google is trying to stay out of trouble to but there should be a happy medium someplace for it to be fair for everyone. You both just keep being you and the truth will follow.

  9. It's a bit like cancer; no one is gutted about it until it happens to them or someone close. Western world democracy is falling off a cliff right now……seriously….I wish you guys would cover that. Mainstream media is simply a branch of the democrat party and the rapidly shaping "great reset. You will recall how they ran a coordinated 4 year long smear campaign against trump, covered for the most inept, senile presidential candidate in history, refused to cover bubolinskis story of the century, hunter bidens laptop, deplatformed washington post, deplatformed and silenced the president and his press secretary. Now the whole world is being forced to take an experimental vaccine, with horrifying health injuries and deaths, according to Vaers, its UK equivalent, horrifying Israeli data. Literaly 10's of thousands of doctors and scientists are shouting grave warnings (see rome declaration), but MSM refuses to speak about it and on the contrary cheerleads these injections, suppresses all dissent and demonises those who dare question the elite narrative. Of course you guys won't cover this story as you will also be deplatformed instantly. Your courage will only go so far that it does not destroy your business………………………..and that's exactly what they count on. Mark my words, America will be indistinguishable from China in less than 5 years. It always begins with state governed media and that is now a fait de complit.

  10. Margaret Thatcher said; “Choose one lane or the other, it’s dangerous in the road’s middle.” In practice that means not enthusiastically supporting insanities coming from the L/R sides will land you in the road’s dangerous middle. However, supporting insanities means one’s lost one’s dignity, soul and life’s entire worthiness. <No goody!

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