Sacha Baron Cohen And The CIA

Journalist Alan MacLeod discusses the relationship between Sacha Baron Cohen and the CIA. And it may surprise you. Find out who the CIA agent who advised Cohen is as well as the scene that you’ll never see of Cohen getting physically attacked. See the full chat about Cohen as well as a chat about Bill Gates and chat about a short history of US bombings of hospitals here (

Alan MacLeod ( is Senior Staff Writer and Podcast Producer for MintPress News. He’s also written two books about the media: “Bad News from Venezuela: Twenty Years of Fake News and Misreporting”, and “Propaganda in the Information Age: Still Manufacturing Consent.” He has also contributed to, The Guardian, Salon, Jacobin Magazine, and more.

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  1. Alas more CIA,
    Lol my friends don't realize that there is at least one CIA office for every country on the planet….
    where all they do is think how to fuck em over for corporate interests.

  2. Watch the first Transformer movie which came out as the u.s.a. was collapsing into the real-estate black hole of 2009.
    I wanted the machines to win, as I watched my lifetime of investments blow away.
    Beyond doubt, u.s. has gone stupid…just listen to Christian Radio.
    Americans are propagandized numb.
    Incoherently fixating on the next popular leader all the while chaos is left strewn behind us.
    I regret every vote since REAGAN.
    The u.s.a. is already collapsed in my view. Corporate corruption + Bought politicians, bought clergy = chaotic future and disastrous future.
    Ineffective CIA, FBI, FCC complete this horror show ..if Jan.6th didn't convince you this should.

    Not one high roller in gov. has been indicted. No Congressmen or ?
    No money trail to the billionaires; the advocates that funded sedition.
    AND the FCC which has oversight of all media outlets since the 1940s, lets FOX TV run propaganda sewage into every American zombies house daily, spewing hate and misinformation.
    1970s were a golden era compared to this cesspool.
    UNIONIZE the dump….worker power is our ONLY HOPE to counter corporate corruption.
    Ya…we come for you Walmart
    Amazon, HOME Depot, Starbucks, on and on..

  3. A lot of movies have government involvement in movie production. Doing a quick google search, you can find lists of movies with government involvement. To hear this about Sacha Baro Cohen doesn't surprise me one bit.

  4. just another thing for your show or usefulidiots. i recently had a really harsh converstation about a maidan-documentation which is actually on nextflix here in germany. i havent seen the whole thing, but ive seen about 20mins and i wasnt very impressed – i ve seen a lot of materials and press stuff in 2014 when it happened as a comparison – by those cuts and jumps in the timelines while interrupted by very short statements thrown in here and there. end of story, i critisized it harsh and direct and the person who liked it a lot ended up yelling at me that i am pro putin, history doesnt count, ukrainians just want to fight for freedom etc etc etc…you all know the whole shizzles and procedure.
    so the person happens to be a relative and now i try to get more information about that documentation or other ones that imo could be better. am i really THAT wrong about? i dont think so. i neither support any of putins capitalist regime too

  5. Melvin Lasky , Sidney Hook

    'Congress for Cultural Freedom'

    Who would have thought that ideological indoctrination and social engineering makes movies, books and virtually all mainstream articles suck ?…

  6. Seculars hate religious Jews, but no amount of military occupation and US military aid will change to whom the land was given, regardless of politics…

    At least we can have hope that the secular 'anti-Christ', campaigning from the US and promising heaven on earth, won't fool the Hasidim of Jerusalem…

  7. Most Americans have no idea how seamless our propaganda system is. It's not limited to the obvious MSM talking heads. From many of the "hip" late night comedians to sports talking heads, to the daytime TV talk show panels like "The View" to hundreds of Hollywood movies – American's are constantly bombarded by "official narratives." No wonder we're a nation of completely clueless idiots!

  8. The CIA operative bit is fascinating, but I don't see what that has to do with Baron's exclusion of the footage. It sounds to me like there's an obvious reason why he didn't include it: watching a camp gay dude turn homophobic rhetoric on its head is funny; watching someone get "nearly beaten to death" in a homophobic assault, however, is NOT FUNNY. It doesn't gel with the rest of the film. I'm even more inclined to believe this is the reason given that, in his recent series "This is America," Cohen's main character — an unhinged Israeli militant — skewers Israeli defense techniques pretty hard.

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