Saddest COVID Christmas Tweets Ever

The arrival of the omicron variant has led many to fear the worst, call for universal lockdowns and self-isolate to the utmost extent. Journalist Michael Tracey compiled a list of some of the more pathetic tweets from individuals taking no chances with omicron, even if that means spending the holidays alone, isolated and miserable.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the woes of these benighted souls.

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  1. Just paying people to stay home does make lockdowms justifiable. Paying people is not some cure all in fact it only puts out the most immediate fires . There is a certain type of fake leftist who belive money and social programs can solve every problem. There are certain problems that cannot be fixed with a UBI. There is no social program for women and children being forced to live with an abusive man because of lockdowns . There is no social Program for postponed cancer treatments. Or drug and alcohol relapses due to isolation and loss of support networks no program for overdose deaths. You can't make somome whole with just money alone . The boutique left belive that all it takes money to make people whole because they have a capitalist mind set and are part of the privileged class who never have to struggle. They call themselves Marxists but Marx did not advocate simply just handing everyone money and saying there all done problems solved. Somewhere along the way they have decided that Marxism and socialism means the government just hands everyone money and benefits. They also have the idea that Marxism means that if you choose to you can just sit at home and not contribute anything to society and you will be taken care off . These are not the things that Marx advocated there is this Marxism means free shit mentality that seems born out of consumerism vanity which seems more like a capitalist mind set.

  2. Timestamp: 27:21
    "Branch Covidians"
    Max, you're on point about a lot and make me laugh about the crazy things we are going through. That being said, take the following as a note worth investigating. The 'Branch Davidians' were crazy, but they didn't deserve to be burned alive. Let alone by our own government. They needed help, if anything. Anyway, I love the show you guys, keep it up!

  3. Nobody I know believes the dialog 100%. But nobody I know denies covid is with us and could kill. Their choices of "protection" vary widely. A lot chose to vaccinate. I respect everyone's choice. God bless America.

  4. Jimmy's actually wrong about Dr. John Campbell. In the same video that Campbell talked about the cold-like symptoms of Omicron, he also called for shutting down all international travel — which is absolutely insane.

  5. If you are living in a cage you aren’t really living your just existing. Life is scary to live it. No matter what we do we don’t get out alive. And it seems the people who are the most scared are the ones who at one time in their lives ripped lines off strippers assholes

  6. Ever read the "Wreck of the Titan" a large ship collides with an iceberg on her maiden voyage.? Published in 1898 by Morgan Robinson.
    Ever heard any survivor mention an iceberg or the uncontrollable fire aboard the ship that was scuttled in the Atlantic in 1912. ???

  7. Burdening the Hospitals is the biggest joke…. We have "Obamacare". Another 2000 page bullshit tax law that enriches executives… And fails the US people. Unless you "Comply"… But for all it's worth. You still do not have a "Healthcare" provider… You have a "licence to ill"…

  8. 0:20 brooooo. So when Jimmy had that debate with his pro mandate comedian friend the friend corrected him that Dr. Malone didn't invent the MRNA vaccine, but instead the platform it was built on. And today, Jimmy introduces him like that. It's almost as if Jimmy is an honest man who presents the facts as he sees them and is ok with being wrong sometimes… It sucks that others can't be like this

  9. jimmy you know colds are dangerous still for old people.. people are going to die.. i like you comedy and you are mostly right about the hole topic.. but be mindfull and respectfull to people who gona loose family members.
    that said happy holiday to you.

  10. Sociology is a joke. It's not really applicable except in teaching and rescue work… And then it shouldn't stand alone as a "profession". They released many non violent offenders and criminals with sketchy health issues…

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