Sadistic US sanctions block Syria earthquake aid

The Grayzone’s Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal explain how crushing US sanctions imposed on Syria have prevented virtually all earthquake aid from reaching the areas where most Syrians live, and how sectarian, US-funded groups posing as humanitarian aid organizations are exploiting the situation.

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  1. #USRegimeChange
    Nordstream pipeline, Twitter Files, Hunter's laptop, Ukraine war, Ohio Train Derailment and Environmental Disaster.
    All of these stories either get no coverage or are lied about on Main Stream Media, as well as by the Whitehouse.
    The Ohio train derailment is an exceptionally disgusting omission on the government's part. They also haven't even sent assistance from EPA or any other Federal Branch. Brandon hasn't even said one fucking word about it.

  2. Greetings Gentlemen, An old Sanskrit saying “ Vinaash Kale – Vipareeta Buddhi “ , means : “ Self destruction time – The mind does not work”. Every veneer of deception and treachery is peeling off and all nations are watching. All these miseries due to a small group of satans. Good. Let them torture and if any nation has benefitted from such inhumanity, they too will.

  3. US, NATO and its allies that always lecture others on Rules based order, human right but in reality they are the real culprit that causes humanity crisis. US, NATO and its allies should be trialed on international court for crime against humanity. Look back to see how US led continue invasions and its senseless inhuman has killed millions in the past decades.

  4. But …. were are the good guys and girls… with the right values and rules based order.

    Our leaders are monsters…. cowards who creep and crawl for inhumanity….

  5. As an American I am glad to know that people in America are waking up and seeing our political gov is evil. Americans can't fight evil if they can't recognize it first. The depth of things wrong in America is staggering and has been covered up by party partisans, Zionism, "freedom", democracy, humanitarian aid, etc.

  6. La Voz de Aztlan spoke about Pat Tillman of the Arizona Cardinal was killed by USA Soldiers in Afghanistan. La Voz used the term Pendejo.
    The Ashkenazim impostors celebrated his death making T-shirts and Coffee Cups.

  7. That's Muslims for you? Building military bases for NATO and allowing the destruction of weaker Muslim nations by the West. The West Hegemony is exposed to the world at large 1000% by the Blatant terror and oppression delivered unto Syria by the biggest pillars of Democracy Israel and the USA. If the World at large can not see the Devastating Racism of Hegemony in Syria then Mankind is Doom

  8. Govts are elected to represent the Will of The People.
    Corporations are unelected & represent psychopathy in structural form (ask Dr. Robert Hare).
    Corporate careerists posing as govt officials are not Public Servants. There is no govt in corporate captured America.

  9. I just do not unerstand how we can go from freedom of press? To totally blocking any journalistinvestigative reporting being totally obliterated. This is not constitutional. I do not support censorship in any aspect, related to real truthful journalism. We need truth!👍👍

  10. Western governments are controlled by corporations, by a few super rich "business men" who want one thing above all else: more $$$. It is a historical fact that their attitude toward the poor in general and people of colour in particular is one of disdain, or worse. Just as they do regarding terrorism, they cry accusations of human rights violations all over the world whilst at the same time they are worst offenders. Only "we the people" can stop this madness.

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