“Safe & Effective” While Obama Admits It’s Being Clinically Tested on Billions – Viva Clip

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  1. Currently a niece of my cousin’s wife is in the hospital on life support. She passed out then started having seizures. The hospital put her on several anti-seizure drugs but she continued seizing. Then they put her on a ventilator and inserted a feeding tube. Now they are saying there is no more they can do and are checking her organs to see if they are healthy enough to harvest. This is all within a week! The doctors don’t know why this happened to a 37 year old woman. This young woman works for a school In Michigan and did get the vaccine. 🤦🏻‍♀️😞😢

  2. You're not stupid. But you felt you needed to be vaccinated against a virus that was only a danger to old ladies, many of whom, like me, shook it off like a seasonal cold? I thought you were a guy who thought for himself? This is a revelation.

  3. OBAMA is garden variety political charlatan, nothing gifted or compelling.
    if you want to hear a compelling and gifted orator, you will never find a more gifted orator or President than President Ronald Reagan!
    The country could sure use such leadership and wisdom now.
    He united U.S. and elevated the office of President into a class and stature befitting America. Grace, wisdom, wit and true leadership. God I miss him!

  4. There's a real possibility too that they're gonna do these researches about Myocarditis and will blame Trump for the whole thing! He's the one with operation warp speed, he's the one responsible! All to discredit him in 2024.

  5. The Nurnberg 2 cannot come fast enough.
    I hope all the experimental vaccine pushers like Fauci and Justin Trudeau should be responsible for false information and pushing those vaccines to general public anfd not alowing unvaccinated to behave their equal rights as other Canadians. REspecially Minister Alghabra is guilty to use vaccination mandate as a rule who is al,owed to travel and who is not. Did tyhey finally disclose who got paid for loi usy ArriveCan app?

  6. Viva, I loved you but have to leave I am afraid… I do not see how you cannot back Zelensky and Ukraine in their war of survival over the tyrant and evil Putin. Good day…

  7. I never liked Obama. He immediately struck me as a silver tongued serpent. My life experience has given me a keen ability to identify an extreme narcissist in short order. Obama is a poster boy for NPD.

  8. Hey my brother I'm not going to say any bad things to you at all. I may not have fell for their scam but a lot of people did and my heart goes out to my fellow Americans and my fellow human beings who were betrayed by the ones that were supposed to be protecting us I am so sorry peace and love to all.

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