Salmond EXPOSES Evidence Against Sturgeon [26.02.21]

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0:00 Salmond Gives Evidence

7:26 BBC Scotland Ignores Coverage

8:37 Chances Of Scottish Referendum

10:46 News In Your World

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Salmond EXPOSES Evidence Against Sturgeon

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. When Boris stated this a few months ago there was uproar and it was spun by BBC into an attack on Scotland. Now it’s come from one of their own the BBC are suddenly silent ?

  2. Not covered by the BBC — Is this not very serious news — Does this not matter — This affects the whole of the UK in general — How much further away from the general public can the BBC become — Defund them and let them earn their own money instead of using ours. BBC Scotland should be ashamed.

  3. Prediction of her testimony:
    Did you Lie? "I think Scotland should be independent".
    Did you mislead Parliament? "Scotland will be stronger on its own".
    Did you know about the allegations? "We need referendums until I get the answer I want".
    Did your husband mislead Parliament? "Scotland needs to be ruled by Brussels"
    Are you going to give this inquiry any straight answers? "I need to be installed as the President of the EU".

  4. The puppet is back with more details that don't amount to a hill of beans. That because in reality he doesn't know what he is talking about. If he thought for himself he would be speechless. Solidarity with refugees.

  5. This committee is supposed to be an enquiry into the botched inquiry held by the Scottish court. Salmond has touched on that, but the rest is conspiracy theory without any supporting evidence and a repeat of things already known.  While there are definitely answers on that botched enquiry need given, Mr Salmond came out with some strange and outrageous things. I refer first to his statement that he first learned about the allegations against him from Geoff Aberdeyn. Yes the same guy Sturgeon claims she forgot about a discussion with. Mr Salmond went on to say that Mr Aberdeyn learned about it and the names of the women, from a top SNP official, who Salmond didn't name.  So here we have a top SNP official breaking all rules of complaints confidentiality and revealing the women's names to the chief of staff of the accused, who went straight back to Salmond with what he had been told. That is outrageous!      Mr Salmond went on complain about Sturgeon meeting the women and  trying to imply that was evidence of conspiracy. That is also outrageous!  Sturgeon had heard Salmond's account, it was only right that she also heard the women's account and it would have been entirely wrong not to. But by his own account, Mr Salmond didn't stop there in thinking the women should not be heard.  He then went on to say he wanted mediation with the women over the accusations.  You cannot have internal mediation, where the allegations include, sexual assault and indecent exposure. Those are criminal offences, not matters of internal mediation.  So in fact Salmond wanted the Scottish government  to intervene and try to make it all go away with "mediation."  Quite rightly the Scottish government refused to conduct what would have been an attempt to cover up criminal allegations and Mr Salmond thinks that is evidence of conspiracy. The only person he's damning with those revelations is himself.  Strange how nobody picks up on that!  Referring back to Mr Aberdyne. To what purpose did he meet with this anonymous top official?  Did a total breach of complaints confidentiality just slip out over a chat about the weather?  Sturgeon may not be the only one who's Achilles heel might be Mr Aberdyne. I can only hope that the questioning gets to Mr Aberdyne and this top official, because this committee needs to start recognising where some of the answers are regarding both sides.

  6. Instead of all of this criticism aimed at an independent Scotland d, telling anyone they're a burden a financial flop, too small and underpopulated to survive on its own etc etc, most of it is untrue scaremongering is negative. Why not just say you like the union if you do, or don't like it if you dont?. You like it is the best thing that Scots would want to hear because the jist of what we're hearing is that you'd rather be rid of us and that we're only in the union through need not satisfaction.

  7. The SNP White Paper foresaw the Brexit vote (part 1, C1, pg 60), it was mentioned in live TV debates.

    Remember that the SNP also claimed trident renewal and even Boris as PM would be an indyref trigger.

    Brexit isn't the reason the Nationalists want #IndyRef2 it’s just the latest excuse.

  8. You are full of lies and deceit. Salmond didn't give evidence against Sturgeon. In fact he said and I quote "there’s no evidence that Scottish democracy is rotten". There is no INDEPENDENT POLE that supports your proposition that anything has changed in Scotland with regards of the support for independence. But enough of that crap. 1) What about the promises you supported that said the UK economy will prosper? 2) What do you say to the bombshell that the cabinet recognise that it will take 10 years for the economy to recover from Brexit? 3) What do say to the sell off of 5 NHS surgeries to an American Company (supported by Farage) ? 4) What do say to the 10's of thousands of families in the fishing industry that were lied to over and over again about Brexit. 5) What do you say to the need for 50,000 extra customs officials that are needed (not because of the agreement, this BS was promoted months before the agreement)? 6) You are trying to change the subject as usual Mahyar, I wonder why?

  9. This is just clickbait. Misquoting in the thumbnail for the views and advertising revenue .Shame on you. Salmond specifically said that Scotland is NOT a failed state. I’ve been a subscriber for months now. Not any more , I’ve unsubscribed.

  10. Unfortunately Alex Salmond is tainted by his own admissions that he fully admits to inappropriate behaviour whilst in office and because Nicola Sturgeon did not back him up he wants to throw as much muck as possible. After having listened to his evidence I am sceptical of some of his statements. As to this commentators comments I have no idea who he is preaching to but he is not convincing anyone north of the border with his farcical statements.

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  12. He gave evidence of nothing, if anything it will make SNP supporters more active., what is needed is a party other than the Tories to make headway in the politics of Scotland as the SNP are running over the opposition, God help Scotland with these morons in charge again.

  13. First of all Civil servants employed by Westminster brought the case against Alex Salmond, not Nicola Sturgeon or the Scottish National Party. From the onset both Nicola and the SNP distanced them selfs not to prejudice Alex Salmond and any case that may be to come.
    You make the statement that the current Scottish National Party is failing the Scottish electorate as if that was fact. This without actually saying why you think so. If this was the case why then is the majority of the electorate still behind the SNP?