Sam Harris Breaks The Silence on BLM and Police Brutality

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Written by Critical Thoughts


  1. Black favoring Affirmative Action, Black only Scholarships, Black student getting extra points on their SAT scores so they can get high enough scores to be accepted into colleges. REALLY..? I think that black people have been given many legs up in America.. If someone demonstration that they can complete college that favors black students, then they have been given reparations. If a black worker cannot get a job with all these advantages, they probably don't meet the requirements and that has nothing to do with the color of skin.

  2. There is an urgent need to unearth as much factual data on the issue as possible so Society can proceed to find solution(s) to the problem that are fact-based and not driven by emotion and ignorance.

  3. Can someone please link to me the study where it is claimed that whites are more likely to be killed than blacks by police in the US? Every study I've found claims the opposite.

  4. look: absolute numbers DON'T MATTER
    when police are shooting people in the back for REFUSING TO OBEY
    yer RIGHT, skin color isn't the real PROBLEM
    the PROBLEM are police who think everyone is a suspect and that ANYONE can be KILLED
    for failing to OBEY

  5. Sam is a smart rational guy, but even he is struggling with understanding the issues that are hidden behind the data. If the data is as sound and obvious then the world wouldn't be protesting. Your premise for understanding the world's anger has been discounted by your surface analysis and calculator. Next time try understanding systemic racism. And bring your data with ya. If you can find it.

  6. Reparations is an argument that makes no sense at all. I'm white as snow, not descended from aristocrats, started life with $0 and nil inheritance. You can't help circumstance, and it's naive folly to even try. Equal opportunity is all one can hope for, but as soon as you begin to presume to predetermine outcomes from some sense of historical guilt, your meddling will do more harm than good.

  7. This is great and all, but my real question is, has my grammar surrounding the word "data" been wrong this whole fucking time?

    "These data are incomplete"

    "Again the data don't tell a clean story"

    "There's a lot we don't understand about these data"

    Was the word "data" a plural this whole time???

  8. The Atheist movement was growing on youtube, i was subscribed to many of them, then Marxism (feminism) ruined the whole thing, i slowly went away from it, only two i am subscribed to now, Thundf00t and darkmatter2525, dont even watch DM2525 so i dont know why i still am.

  9. For someone who claims that the self is an illusion , Sam is falling into his own illusion by identifying himself as white skinned. Next , if the self is an illusion then the perception of the illusion itself would be an illusion in which case discussions of BLM or police brutality itself would be a pointless. Yet, even the Buddha who preached about the impermanence of matter acknowledged that the world was full of suffering and had compassion for his fellow man. I don’t Sam displaying that.