Sam Harris vs Bret Weinstein on vaccines | Vincent Racaniello and Lex Fridman

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Vincent Racaniello is a virologist, immunologist, and microbiologist at Columbia. He is a co-author of the textbook Principles of Virology and co-host of This Week in Virology podcast.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. It will be a relief when it becomes common knowledge to Americans, (already known to Europe and Israel and Duke University) that the vaccine does NOT prevent infection. Then this issue of mandates and potential harm to others will be moot.

  2. The fact that employers are mandating it and that there's undue pressure on people to take it or be ostracized means it's coercion and there is no real choice. It's an illusion. Be subservient to the propaganda and become part of this biomedical totalitarian society.

  3. I appreciate all even handed discussion. I have only seen this clip. Just one comment. Both Covid and the vaccines have been shown to have long lasting issues. However you want to define that sonce we only have 2 years of data on Covid and less on the vaccines. That fact undermines the assertion that we shouldn't make definitive statements. Thanks.

  4. No one sees the obvious. If you pay people, they will get vaccinated. I mean $1000. Minimum. It's just a fact. Everyone has forgotten that poor people exist and they are sick of suffering, and they have no incentive to just do as they're told.

  5. This is the approach I’ve wanted from the start. I want to see more people like this on msm, instead of people who are so biased it looks like they’re spouting off propaganda. Most people want the truth and most people want all the information so they can make a good decision. Some people will do whatever they’re told, but many will not…they shouldn’t be ridiculed and shamed for wanting to know more or for being hesitant.

  6. They've exhausted the tyranny for safety sales point of 9 11 with the right, now they're working on the tyranny for safety pitch on the other side. Whuch hand's gonna hit you folks? Who knows… keep paying to find out!

  7. “Maybe you’ll be OK” is stupid language given the outrageously high survival rate. You can hear the fear mongering and total disregard for vaccine side effects. Not to mention Lex totally misrepresents Bret’s position. Bret is less concerned about long term effects and more concerned with variants being made due to evolutionary pressure provided by a vaccine with narrow and short lived immunity. Remember hearing about breakthrough cases of polio and measles? Me neither. Let’s drop the act and stop pretending that this vaccine is just like the others. It’s not.

  8. The guy just got through saying you shouldn't make definitive statements and then says we don't know the long term side affects of the vaccine but that shouldn't matter. That's a pretty large point that he is tossing to the wayside and really one of the main premises of the following argument.

  9. Love lex But he sometimes act like a wanna be Joe rogan. I know he knows better than entertaining Bret’s spurious arguments. Nothing intellectual about presenting arguments without proof or pushing a pill without evidence (ivermectin). So I don’t know why he deserves a seat at a table of a serious talk about this. His credibility is his training as a scientist but he does insult to science

  10. How is this logical? Very few who had covid get long covid <10%, why should that inform us about getting an experimental drug that could have more and worse side effects? And why should treatments not be preferenced when natural immunity is 27x more effective and longlasting?

  11. I belive Vincent's argument misses a crucial point that can't be ignored in this conversation: when one doesn't take vaccines, they potentially screw up not only for them but also for many others. Any public health policy against mass infections need herd effect to be effective, that's why many countries require people to be vaccinated in order for them to be allowed to cross borders. This is a collective, not individual issue, so individual willingness to adhere is not to whole story.

  12. I will need evidence to the long term detriments of Covid . Most of the reports of long term effects have been afflicting a very narrow band of people almost all with prior health issues.

    People feel so comfortable repeating these things without really taking a long look at the issues.

    I would say, if you're 65 or older, and or are obese, and or have other serious health issues. You should get the vaccine.
    If you're a healthy person without respiratory issues, and a good diet and exercise regimen of any age, you can flip a coin.

    If you are under 45 and have a healthy lifestyle and no other health concerns. Getting the vaccine is mostly a vanity choice for you. But I don't have a problem.

    If you are 25 or younger and are not a sickly person. The vaccine is probably more risky than the virus.

    If you are under 18 and certainly under 12 the vaccine is actually proven to be more dangerous than the virus. So why would it even be a consideration?

  13. An adult conversation for once. I will add one thing no one can tell you about long term effects because a long time hasn't past so if you want to wait for time go ahead if not no worries.

  14. You shouldn't just think about yourself when deciding if you're gonna take the vaccine, you gotta think about all the other people you might infect as well if you dont take it and get covid.

  15. No vaccine has ever demonstrated "surprise" effects longer than two months out. To worry about potential long term effects is to conjure up a specter that's never been observed.

  16. So Mr science doctor here says that not knowing long term effects from the vaccine shouldn't dictate your decision? Are you kidding me? The unknown is the issue here… If kids are not at risk, but vaccine long term effects are unknown, how can you with a straight face recommend it…

  17. Brett Weinstein plays the 'I'm just asking questions' game like all right wing grifters. The whole 'we haven't seen all of the problems with the vaccine because we're just not looking in the right places' game is fear mongering of the highest order.
    And, use of Ivermectin as a covid prophylactic has been debunked. The study that kicked off the interest in the drug (because ANYTHING other than vaccination says Trump supporter) has been retracted because of plagiarism and issues with the data.
    Its all political bs. Trump supporters don't like the vaccine because Trump says not to and Brett Weinstein is making as much money as he can by playing to the Trump crowd.
    Finally, who cares what Harris says? I'd rather listen to a virology expert. Its funny because Sam Harris also thinks we should listen to a virologist on Covid rather him or Brett.

  18. Emotion is a substitute for knowledge, helps us make decisions when despite lack of information we need to act but becomes increasingly dangerous the farther reaching and complicated the subject becomes. I've been a fan of Joe and Bret in the past but damn if this situation hasn't shown the dangers of influencers without any filtering.

  19. Do I care if some random person in Morocco gets vaccinated….no
    Because it has no conceivable impact on my life
    But, do I care whether I live in a state where hospitals are clogged with un vaccinated Covid patients
    Or would I rather live in a fully vaccinated place where hospitals are operating normally?

    Would I rather live in a place with low levels of Covid immunity, or high levels of Covid immunity…
    Like Denmark who has ended their Covid mitigations

    Would I rather pay for medical insurance from a company that only insures vaccinated people
    Or a company that mostly insures unvaccinated people… and shares the Covid treatment costs across all their insured?

    But overall, I would prefer that everyone achieve immunity as quickly as possible in what ever manner they prefer

  20. I live in NYC and I am vaccinated. Having said that, coercion isn’t persuasive. Neither is hysteria. Neither are stupid conspiracy theories. It’s too bad that this mans advice isn’t the norm.

  21. It's funny how all the Brett Weinstein fanboys don't realize that this guy (in addition to many public intellectuals) very much agrees with Sam and disagrees with Brett Fraudstein. The only disagreement this guy has is about the WAY Sam tries to convince people.

  22. What are the long term effects for me for getting Covid? Oh we don't know because I haven't had Covid… what are the long term effects for me of the vaccine? Oh we don't know because I haven't taken the vaccine. You can't know what the effects will be, everyone is different. You have to assume the effects will be similar to people who are similar to you. You have to assess the risks and rewards. You can't just outsource your thinking to so called experts who have been repeatedly wrong or have biases or vested interests… you can't just outsource your thinking to conspiracy minded online pundits either.

    The idea that there's just a one size fits all approach is just idiotic utopian thinking. The risks and rewards are different for different people. Let people make their own judgments. It's their lives on the line.

  23. 02:05 Once upon a time vaccines don't get approved until we have long term data. Now if you say you want to wait for long term data you're deemed unreasonable. Up is down and black is white in the COVID era.

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